Summer weddings

Summer is just around the corner, and we all know besides being the season of sun, trips and picnics, it’s also the season of weddings. The ceremony and the party can be held outdoors no matter if it’s in Florida or in Vermont, the caterers have an abundance of fresh produce to incorporate into the menu, the florists can go wild with the local flowers, and the photographers have a beautiful, natural background the whole time they document the event.

Couples often opt for an outdoor wedding because it’s usually more relaxed, even though it can be very elegant at the same time. A low key ceremony on the beach at sunset, an elaborate affair with crisp, white tents and a live band at a posh estate, or a back yard grill with friends and family are all very popular choices at this time of the year, which shows that no matter the differences in social and financial status, a lot of couples share the choice when it comes to incorporating nature into their nuptials.

Time and location are the first choices for the wedding, followed by the food. Couple has to choose not only whether they’ll go with a professional catering company or if they’ll ask friends and family for help, but also what kind of food will be served. In the summer there are a lot more vegetables and fruits that can be prepared in all kinds of ways, and being that they are seasonal and local, they are available at a much better price. This way no matter if the catering company will be making a fruit salad, or if a family member will be grilling corn on the cob as a side, the overall food price will be lower than in the winter.

Another opportunity for saving is with decoration. Lush grass, full trees or blooming flowers are pretty in themselves, and there is no need for any wall or ceiling décor. It’s enough to put up some white holiday lights and candles for the evening portion of the party to create a magical atmosphere. And since flowers are growing in their natural climate, decorating the tables or the tent also doesn’t require a big budget.

As much as location, food and decoration are all important, I’m sure for most brides the number one thing on the list of things to take care of is the dress. Even the women who do not follow couture fashion want to look beautiful on this special day, so they often spend months looking for that one and only dress that will make them feel amazing. Looking through some magazines one would believe that a wedding gown is a huge expense, but it doesn’t have to be. Brides can look for seasonal sales on simple wedding dresses, or search online for great deals on vintage or pre-owned wedding gowns that can always be changed a bit to fit the bride and the outdoor nature of the ceremony.

No matter if it’s a spur of the moment exchange of the vows on the beach, a social event of the year, or a friendly affair in the yard, every summer wedding will be remembered as a magical, beautiful, tasty and fragrant one because nothing provides more amazing background than nature.