News Sunlight is Your Free Antidepressant

Sunlight is Your Free Antidepressant


Depression affects almost 15 million Americans. That’s nearly 7 percent of the population that suffer from this debilitating disorder. The causes of depression are many, from chemical imbalances in the brain, to lack of exercise, to poor diet, to external sources of negativity. The good news is that you can combat depression with natural means readily available to you.

Sunlight Fights Depression

Sunlight is our friend. As diurnal creatures we need it not just to see, but also to allow our bodies to function properly. Here is the basic way that sunlight helps to keep us depression free.

One of the key chemicals that your brain uses to prevent depression is serotonin. Research has shown that the levels of serotonin found in the body are lower during the winter than during the summer. The reason is because that there is less sunlight during the day, and most people are bundled up covering exposed skin thus preventing the body from absorbing the sunlight.

In addition to the serotonin levels increasing when more sunlight is available, there is also a link between Vitamin D and depression. Now the link between Vitamin D and how it affects the area of the brain linked to depression is not fully understood. But what is fully understood is that getting extra sunlight can help your body to produce more Vitamin D.

Keep in mind that too much sunlight is bad for you as well. We have all had a sunburn before, and the risk of cancer is definitely not worth it. Limit your exposure to the sun to 10 or 15 minutes (without sunblock) each day.

Fight Depression the Natural Way

Millions of Americans suffer from depression. And many of them turn to dangerous prescription drugs in order to combat that depression. There is a simpler, cheaper, and more effective way to do so. Eat right, get some sunshine, and exercise, and the depression will naturally melt away.

Sunlight is Your Free Antidepressant
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