Super Deal Ice Maker Kits For Sale Only 75 Dollars

If your ice maker decided to quit working in the middle of Summer (or any other time) I know where you can find super deal on ice maker kits for sale for only 75 dollars. When your ice maker quits working you’re left in sweltering heat with no ice for cold drinks. The only thing worse than that is for the power to be on and your ice maker quits working. But anything man-made is liable to break down at anytime. When your ice maker quits working you have to call a repairman, fix it yourself, or hope the warranty will pay for a repair. If you’re the fix it yourself type, you can buy a kit for sale for less than 75 dollars.

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Don’t Pay an Arm and A Leg

close up of a pile of 10 or 11 penniesOne option is to pray that the refrigerator is still under warranty and you can get it repaired free. If that fails, you could call a repairman and pay an arm and a leg to have the ice maker repaired. That may be a viable option but for the sake of this article and for your arm and leg, lets say you get a super deal on ice maker kits for sale for only 75 dollars and replace the ice maker yourself.

Cheap Refrigerator Ice maker Kits for Sale on Amazon

black text on white backgroundAmazon is a great place to look for an ice makers like the Whirlpool 4317943 Ice Maker Assembly Kit. Amazon is the largest online retailer of brand name products so there’s usually a good selection of items to choose from. Do a search on Amazon to find a kit for your refrigerator and check out the pictures and details of any matches you find. Odds are they have the brand you need at a great price. You may even qualify for free shipping.

Cheap Refrigerator Ice maker Kits for Sale on eBay

word ebay in bold colorful letters in , red, blue, yellow, green order on white backgroundYou can also search eBay for an ice maker kit. eBay is the largest online auction site in the world. Sellers on eBay place new and used items on eBay for buyers to bid on or “Buy Now.” Buy Now is an option you get on eBay to skip the bidding and buy an item at a price set by the seller. People that have bought items rate sellers on their products and services. These ratings give you an idea of how trustworthy a seller has been.

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DIY Installation

Getting a good deal on a cheap ice maker is only half the battle. You still have to install it. The good thing about that is replacing it is easier to do than you might think. I say that because I replaced mine and it’s worked fine for years. Even though there are different brands and models, you can still do this job in about 30 minutes or less. Even with just average mechanical ability.

Let me Show You How

The video below shows how I replaced this one on our Whirlpool refrigerator. Watch the video and you’ll see how to remove an ice maker and install a new one. All you have to do is buy your kit from one of the sites mentioned above, install it your self and save money. Not to mention your arm and leg.

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