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Super Deals On Washers And Dryers

Here’s how to get a great deal on a washer dryer at a sale and save money. How to save money is probably the first thought that comes to mind when you hear get a deal on a washer dryer. So what you want to do is shop the sales to find deals when you buy a washer dryer combo. One of the best times to shop for large electronics like a washer dryer combo is at year end holiday sales events.

Getting Rid of Inventory

Retailers want to get as much stock off of the books as they can before the end of the year. They don’t want to carry inventory into the next year. You can really take advantage of this by keeping a notebook of washer dryer prices and by being patient. Whatever you do, don’t buy the first time out unless you absolutely sure that you’re getting the best deal since sliced bread. But is this the only way to get a deal on a washer dryer? Here’s a look at seven strategies to get a deal on a washer and dryer.

1. They Can’t Keep a Secret – Word of Mouth

2. Circling Classifieds

3. Moving Have to Sell

4. Slightly Damaged

5. Craigslist & eBay

6. Paying Cash

7. Dealing With The Store Manager

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They Can’t Keep a Secret

Retailers will tell you that word of mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising so put the word out. Tell all of your family, friends and coworkers that you’re looking for a washer dryer combo. One of them may have just purchased a washer dryer combo at a bargain price. You can put the word out by email, texting, and on Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Then monitor your sites for an answer.

Circle a Washer Dryer Deal

Search local circulars and classifieds to find deals on washer dryer combo’ s. There are always local sellers with classified listings to sell just about everything. By searching local circulars and classifieds, you may be able to find a seller who has to relocate quickly and wants to sell everything he has. If so, you could get a deal on a washer and dryer combo and more.

Moving Have To Sell

Some sellers list items for sale because they have to relocate for a job or whatever other reason. If you find a situation like this, a seller might have to sell their belongings cheap in order to get rid of them quickly. This could be a really good opportunity to find a deal on a washer and dryer.

Slightly Damaged Washer and Dryer

Go to local electronic stores and ask if they have the a washer and dryer combo that you want that’s slightly damaged and not out on the sales floor. One of them may have a washer dryer combo that works fine but was slightly damaged during shipping. If you find this situation, check to see how they work and how much damage they have. It could be something you want to make an offer for.

Craigslist and eBay Washer and Dryer

Look online at services like Craigslist to find deals when you buy washer and dryer combo. Craigslist and Ebay iare popular online services that offer just about everything for sale. You get the option to bid on products for sale on Ebay or you could buy at a ‘Buy now’ current bid price. You can find sellers nationally and locally advertising on these sites. Even though Craigslist and Ebay are reputable services that have served millions over the years, do your homework before making purchases. Be sure you understand the charges and the terms and conditions of the transaction before you buy.

Pay Cash for a Washer and Dryer

Another way to get a deal on a washer dryer is to save the purchase price and pay cash. Open a new savings account just for cash purchases. Find the washer dryer combo you want and set a date for the purchase. Divide the purchase price of the washer dryer combo by the number of pay periods left to your targeted purchase date. This gives you the amount of money you need to deposit in your new savings account each pay period to pay cash for the washer dryer combo on the target date.

Take Your Money and Run

Deal with the store manager if you plan to pay cash for the washer dryer combo. Tell him which washer dryer combo you want to buy and start counting twenty dollar bills into his hand. Stop counting at the price that you’re willing to pay for the set. Tell the manager that’s what you’ll pay for the washer dryer combo. If he agrees take the washer dryer combo and go home. If he won’t deal, take your cash back and tell him you’ll deal with his competition across the street.


If you’re looking for a washer and dryer, you can find a great deal if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and put in the work to find them. Remember that your family, the classifieds, eBay, Craigslist, and scratch and dent are good buying strategies but cash is king. Use all of the resources in this article to get a deal on a washer and dryer and you might be surprised at what you find.

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