Super Fast YouTube Videos on iPads

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You can speed up slow buffering YouTube Videos on your iPad in a few easy steps in most cases so don’t throw your iPad at anything just yet. Some users have complained that they couldn’t watch HD YouTube videos because they took too long to buffer and that videos would freeze during viewing. Normally this isn’t a problem but whatever is causing the problem is driving some iPad users crazy. YouTube is the next generation search engine for millions of people. If you’re looking for a way to fix slow buffering YouTube videos on iPads, you’re in luck because there’s a few things you can try to do to get super fast videos on iPads.


Bluetooth Off

Let me say right up front that sometimes your computers memory gets overloaded and that makes the beach ball spin. When this happens you just have to wait it out. But there are a few other things you need to be aware of. One of them is to try turning off your Bluetooth connection on your iPad. Go to Settings on your iPad and select General in the Settings column on the left of the screen. Select the Bluetooth On/Off toggle on the right side of the screen and set it to Off.

Change Video Playback Quality

fix slow youtube videos ipad speed up playback speed slow bufferingNext, go to your YouTube account, and change your Video Playback Quality setting to “I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video” To do this, go to YouTube and click on Account Settings, at the top of the page. Then click Playback Setup in the sidebar on the left of the page. Pick the radio button beside, I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video. The last step is to uncheck the box that says, “Always play HD when switching to full screen (when available)” and you’re done. Turn your iPad off and then turn it back on after you’ve completed these steps.

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Fixed the Problem

This fixed my problem with slow buffering YouTube videos on iPad. Now when I watch YouTube videos, they load quickly and play smoothly. Of course, the video isn’t the best quality but it’s not the worst either. In a nutshell, you just turn off Bluetooth, choose the slow connection button, and uncheck the Always play HD., box in YouTube Settings. This should fix any slow buffering YouTube Videos on iPad.


1. Start a YouTube video and then pause it.

2. Select the Playback ‘Quality’ setting icon on the taskbar (it’s the one beside CC).

3. Choose a different (lower) Quality setting. (360p, 240p, Auto).

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