Super Hero Halloween Costumes for Girls

Super Hero Halloween Costumes are the rave this year. If you are looking for a great way to go to a school party, a family Halloween gig or even for trick or treat night, then you will want to dress as a super hero.

For girls, there are a few different choices. You could be Wonder Woman, which is one of the top costumes that people are searching for according to Zac Johnson, an internet marketer who researched making money online during this season. Research aside,Wonder Woman is what every little girl wants to be like and there are many costumes for all ages. Even the adult women like to fantasize about saving the world! It’s just not for boys anymore!

For toddlers there are small costumes under $30. From the reviews online, if you go for the toddler, buy a larger size as these seem to be smaller than normal.

If you don’t want to get all decked out, you can buy an outfit for women that is just a tshirt, with a headband and cape. It looks very cool and you’ll still be dressed up and it’s under $20 on Amazon.

If you do want to be all decked out and look just like your toddler, then maybe an adult Wonder Woman costume is right for you. These can run anywhere between 50 to 100 dollars at stores in your area, but if you go online to places like Amazon, there were several there for around $35.

Very sexy, don’t you think? That seems to be the trend this year.

Time for the boys to move over, because the catwoman has come to save the day! Dress your little girl in a cat suit like the one below for less than a twenty dollar bill.

The Dark Knight was a big hit and here’s an adult suit that will run you around $50 or more.

Or, if you are going to several parties and want a different look, then the costume below may be just for you:

However you decide to dress, the super hero halloween costumes for girls are the trendy in thing this year so dress up and have fun!