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Super High Pressure Tanning Beds: Facts That One Should Know

Super High Pressure Tanning Beds

Technology has brought the world with numerous breakthroughs, one of which is super high pressure tanning beds. This has brought new viewpoints and standards for physical appearances especially in the women’s health and beauty page. Nonetheless, like every technological products, it may bring great advantages with appropriate usage and damages if extremely used. Thus, obtaining the right information about tanning beds before usage is strongly recommended.

Types of tanning beds

Artificial tanning is very trendy today. It’s acceptable since this is the era of experimentations and exploring new possibilities. In connection to that concept, tanning beds are used for years to achieve the dark skin tone for a short duration of time. Compared to its traditional method which is sun bathing, tanning beds are more convenient because of lesser skin damage caused by sun exposure.

Tanning beds are categorized depending on the UVB and UVA they release. Both these rays are considered as ultra-violet rays. However, scientific beliefs proclaimed in the 1980’s state that UVA are less likely to cause skin damage while UVB are the primary perpetrator of sun burns. With that theory, tanning beds are labeled as low-pressure, medium-pressure and high-pressure. To describe the three, low-pressure tanning beds emits high level of UVB and low levels of UVA while medium-pressure tanning beds release lesser amounts of UVB. Super high pressure tanning beds on the other hand is designed to block UVB. Thereby, it emits higher amounts of UVA and lower levels of UVB. With that, it is believed to cause healthy tan and lesser risk of skin damage compared to the first two types of tanning beds.

Why use high pressure tanning beds?

There are other reasons aside from the stated fact, why people opt for high pressure tanning beds. One in particular is convenience. Compared to other tanning beds, with high pressure tanning beds one will be able to achieve the perfect artificial tan for only three or five sessions and maintain that fantastic skin tone by undergoing two or three sessions per month. If you’ll think about it, you have probably saved a lot of money by choosing these tanning beds.

In addition to saving more, with these tanning beds risks of developing skin cancer is slighter. It is a mere fact that UVC and UVB are the sun’s rays that are considered as the primary carcinogens involved in skin cancer. Since most UVB are blocked by high pressure tanning beds, one’s skin is still hydrated and healthy even with several tanning sessions acquired.


When it comes to tanning, most health care providers advise to lessen these types of activities. This is due to the main reason that any types of ultra violet rays can cause skin cancer. Thus, it is highly recommended that exposure to ultra violet rays is restricted or limited to considerable duration. If you’ll take its risks into serious considerations, you might want to ask yourself if it is truly worth it. Although, super high pressure tanning beds are highly recommended compared to its counterparts, it is best to understand the whole concept before engaging in any tanning sessions.

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