Super Simple Halloween Party Foods

When it comes to feeding a bunch of little ghouls and monsters and fairies there are so many recipes it’s hard to pick just a few. But if you want super simple Halloween party foods, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s a lot of work putting on a party so don’t spend your time or a small fortune because these easy to do recipes are quick and easy and your guests will love them!

For your hot food or meal to keep the bellies full so they don’t down all that candy, pigs in a blanket will fill them up fast! Or, throw together some quick and easy BBQ:

You will need:

Hamburger – depends how big of a group you have

Onions, pepper (just a little bit) – cut up fine so they don’t notice!




Hamburger buns

Fry your onions and peppers in a bit of EVOO and add hamburger, cook until done. Then throw in your ketsup, mustard, vinegar along with salt and pepper and let simmer while the kiddies are out and about. You can throw it in a crock pot also after cooking off the hamberger to keep it warm. Notice I don’t have any measurements because I don’t use them and you have to add, stir and taste this recipe to make it just right.

That’s it! Takes a load off your feet and you can go about decoratingy your house or making the rest of your Halloween party foods

Worms in Apples

Worms in apples are icky treats and simple to do.

Here are the simple ingredients: One dozen apples, one dozen gummy bears, jar of red jam and 4 tbs of butter. You will take the apple core out of the bottom of the apple and then put one tsp of butter and jam in each hole. Bake uncovered at 350 degrees until done and then cool. Take a gummy worm and put in the hole so it hangs hang out of the hole. Yuk! Your guests will eat it, I promise!

A quick and easy dessert is bake a box cake, put crushed oreos on top after you icing it and then Pepperidge farms has these milano cookies that if you insert them in the cake upright they look just like tombstones. You could even write something on them if you are creative and have the time with decorative icing.

I hope these simple Halloween party foods gave you some ideas for your own party. Have fun!