Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

If you have a child who wants to have a superhero birthday party or you want to surprise your child with a superhero party you need to decide on what superhero theme you are going to go with, or maybe the party theme will just be any superhero goes. The most popular super hero characters for boys currently are Batman, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Superman, Wolverine, The Flash and Captain America just to name a few. For girls there is Wonder Girl, Spider Woman, Super girl, Batgirl, Cat woman, Elektra, Isis, Storm, Tempest and Wonder Woman. Action Trio Costume set.
If you think the birthday boy/girl might be upset if others show up to the party in the same super hero costume you might want to delegate what characters the children have the option to dress up as. Make sure to inform their parents of this so that little Timmy doesn’t show up dressed just like your child. Let your child be the center of attention since it is there day.
When hosting a super hero birthday party make sure to have all of your party supplies in super hero colors or have super heroes on the plates and table clothes and don’t forget about the cake. Everyone focuses on the cake the moment the candles are lit. Your party will be a huge success if you make sure to have your birthday cake decorated in a super hero theme and characters picture.

Make sure the colors of the birthday balloons and other party decorations coincide with the birthday boy or girls super hero colors because today is their special day and should reflect that.

If your super hero birthday party is at home you can play a super hero movie and let it run even if the children are not watching it. It will add to the whole super hero ambiance you want to create for the kids. Definitely if your party is focused on one specific super hero you will most likely want to play any cartoons or movies starring that character.

If you are giving goody bags to the children as they leave the party make sure to keep the goody bag super hero themed so the children will get to keep enjoying the wonderful super hero party they were just at. Super hero toys make great goody bag gifts.

To really set the tone for your party, the party’s chaperones should consider dressing up in super hero villain costumes to help ensure the ultimate good time for the kids. Adults can find affordable super hero costumes just about anywhere, especially online at retailers like Amazon or other costume dealers.

When entertaining the children make sure to include a super hero party game like pin the tail on Batman or super hero volleyball. Any game you can think of can be turned into a super hero themed game for the children. Using a green glow stick you can play pass the kryptonite (potato).

Have the children stand or sit in a circle and pass the potato to each other while music plays (make sure the music is from a super hero movie) and when the music stops whoever is holding the kryptonite is out of the game.