Superhero Nursery Decorations

If you are decorating your nursery with a superhero nursery theme then use the following tips to help get you started. With a little searching you can find the most unique superhero nursery decorations

Color Scheme for a Superhero Nursery
The color scheme you use for a superhero nursery will depend on the superhero you are focusing on. If you are presenting a general collection of superhero’s then you will want to consider a light blue paint scheme to represent open sky. Most superhero’s are often featured before a backdrop of clouds and sky (the ones that fly anyway) and a wall painted light blue would offer a good backdrop for these nursery decorations. If you are focusing on a specific hero or group of heroes be sure to avoid matching the color scheme exactly. If your decorations and your color scheme match too well, the images and accents will be lost in the mix.

Decorations for a Superhero Nursery
I always recommend searching Etsy for superhero nursery decorations. They offer a wide variety of personalized, custom made hero decorations for a themed nursery. Keep in mind that most popular hero images are copyrighted and cannot be used in all applications. You will need to search other major retail website to find more licensed superhero nursery decorations.
Most smaller retailers offer their products through Amazon and there you can often find discounted shipping options. Check Amazon for more general decorations like crib bedding, wallpaper and bookends. If you are seeking less common options for superhero nursery decorations, then look to EBay. You will be able to find older, vintage images and nursery décor on secondary sales websites like EBay.

Free Resources for Superhero Nursery Decorations
Every parent decorating a nursery should visit the Colour Lovers. At that website you can use their free resources to develop your own color palettes and patterns. Print out the superhero nursery color schemes to see how they look on the walls of the baby’s room.
Also, keep in mind the website Decorating Your Nursery. That site offers general advice and nursery theme options to help parents get started decorating your nursery.

Hopefully you were able to use these simple tips to begin decorating your Super Hero Nursery.