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Superior Livestock Video Auction – Effective And Successful Marketing Approach


Imagine how easy it is nowadays to acquire quality cattle – through superior livestock video auction.


Superior Livestock Video Auctions – an infamous but very effective and successful marketing approach. It is considered a breakthrough when it comes to the “buy and sell” line of business. This can be a very important change in the area of trade, because it is clear that the influence of technology is now being discussed and tested. Unlike conventional marketing methods, buyers have the opportunity to view, evaluate and make selections of livestock in the convenience of their office, living room, and even available now on TV phones via 3G or 4G. A big quantity of country fresh livestock is marketed using the most accurate form of pricing discovery available — competitive bidding. Shippers can offer the product to be seen in their natural environment, to a database of potential buyers. This created a true national market for cattle, where prices are discovered, without regard to local climatic conditions or demand.


Superior livestock video auctions provide much more comfort for buyers. With this modern bidding, the buyer does not have to go where the auction takes place. He or she may even bid at the comfort of his or her own home as mentioned. This may expand the number of potential buyers, as it may be possible that a big reason why many are not able to join the auction because they cannot go to the place where the bidding is being held, or because they are too busy with their selves and are too tired to corner extra effort and spending for them, like travel expense, food, etc.

Since you cannot see the livestock in their actual appearance, you must be very careful when it comes to watching the products through video streaming. You should know how to check for their quality through the video, so you can be sure that you are about to buy.

Livestock is truly one of the most in demand products nowadays. They are considered to be great investments because they are food sources and can provide a means for a good business opportunity. Livestock is something that would never become obsolete and will never be out dated because it is considered part of basic human needs.

The Process

Okay, let us discuss the process again. This Superior way of marketing begins with contact being made between the seller and a Superior representative. The representative views the livestock in their natural surroundings, and then completes a consignment contract that describes the cattle and the terms and conditions of the sale. The representative photographs a reasonable representation of the livestock with a video or digital camera. The contract is forwarded to the office where the information is entered into a computer database and then a catalogue is going to be prepared. The auction catalogue video can be viewed on the web a week before the auction and Internet auctions can be viewed one day before the auction. There is this also called the Private Treaty Internet listings, which can be viewed on the Internet at any time. The videotape is sent to Superiors’ office where it is edited into a short segment to be aired on the preview and on the auction. Photographs for the auction on the Internet is sent to the office and posted on the site with information about the party. On the day of the auction, buyers and sellers can either be present at the auction site or view the auction via a nationwide satellite broadcast on TV and on the web from the comfort of their office or home. Well, since we are talking about the convenience and comfort, I don’t know about ‘being present at the auction site.’ Buyers on the Internet auction site place their bids online, while watching the auction on their machine. When the livestock is sold, an agreement is prepared with the terms and conditions of the sale.

After the auction, the sales representative contacts all successful bidders to arrange the delivery. On the day of delivery, the representative should be present to oversee the sorting & loading of the livestock. Upon delivery, the seller is issued a check through the Superior’s bonded custodial account. Payment is due from the successful bidder upon receipt of livestock. The product is shipped directly from the farm or ranch of the seller to the successful bidder’s location. This reduces stress, health problems, and extra unsolicited and unnecessary efforts. Upon completion of the consignment contract, personal hands-on attention is given to make sure the sales contract is followed completely.

Now, for a successful auction, choose carefully the closing hours and days. It is all about the timing. It’s best to close the auction during the peak hours of the day, usually when people are home and is willing to spend money. Try Sunday and Monday nights from about 5 to 10 PM or on a Saturday or Sunday morning between 10 AM and 2 PM. Always disclose shipping and handling arrangements and payment options. As a seller, you cannot afford to receive negative feedback and responses as you already invest on video broadcast and internet broadcast already. Always be up front and honest. Do not become overzealous in the shipping department. Be honest about how the product actually costs to ship. If someone buys an item of five dollars, the buyer will not be willing to pay eight dollars for shipping. The fee for the shipping price is considered to evaluate and seriously frowned upon and sometimes can lead to cancellation of bids.


Now talking about your investment, high quality video deliveries at low cost and low bandwidth are key differentiators for the effective broadcast. You need software-based solutions that provide unrivalled performance, reliability, and video quality over low data rate wired and wireless IP networks. I won’t give you any service providers or name companies that can give you the video space and broadcast feeds now wouldn’t I? It means I am recommending them without a little cost, and that should be a different story. You can try Google search on the best providers for that. But follow these tips, you cannot find any better information on success regarding Superior Livestock Video Auctions.

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