Superior Livestock Video Auctions

Superior Livestock Video Auctions: What’s Behind the Scene?

It was in the year 1987 when Superior Livestock video auctions were introduced in the US. This approach was considered as one of the most effective marketing strategy in the livestock trading industry. But what makes this activity worthwhile? What is its benefit for both buyers and sellers? These are some questions you’ll answer through this article.

What is Superior Livestock video auction?

Superior Livestock video auctions are considered as contemporary ways of trading farm animals. Superior Livestock is basically an advertising company that conducts farm animals a buy and sell by means of video. They offer one million animals to buyers every year while sellers are rest assured that their advertisement is visible all throughout the nation.

Unlike traditional trading this auction offers buyers a chance to evaluate, bid and purchase livestock using television. Even those with TV features in their mobile phones can bid. It is considered as a breakthrough in the trading industry primarily because it is reliable, fast and legit.

The Benefits

The major benefit of Superior Livestock video auctions is convenience of bidding. Since buyers only need a television in order to view livestock, there is no need to travel from one location to another. Furthermore not everyone wants to experience the farm habitat. With this type of trading there is no need to go to farms. Businessmen with hectic schedules who want to participate in livestock trading can just turn on their TV while inside their office or at home. In addition, transportation and other expenses are also avoided.

As for sellers the major benefit gained in this type of trading is convenience, accessibility and fast transactions. Superior Livestock has more than 300 trained representatives all over the nation that can ensure you that transactions are legit and reliable. Livestock sellers don’t have to worry about transporting their animals from one locality to another. All they have to do is contact any Superior Livestock representatives and they will do the rest.

Bidding for the right livestock

It is a fact that the livestock industry is considered as a profitable investment. Since food is a major necessity. However the problem with video auction is that you will not be able to physically assess the animal. You may end up paying loads of money for something you didn’t expect. Thus what should you consider in livestock video auctions?

  • Quality – In determining an animal’s quality you have to learn to distinguish the healthy from the sick animals. Basically the trick is to know the animal’s movements. Is it too stiff or is it energetic? These are few of the questions you could ask yourself in order to view an animal’s health without physical assessments.
  • Fat or Muscle – Another issue involves is the animal’s body weight. Typically, if you’re purchasing an animal for breeding purposes you’ll opt for muscles. If you’re purpose is to sell it, then you should opt for fat.
  • Color – In terms of skin color, a general rule is that darker skin is healthier. As for the eyes you should check for paleness and yellowish color, these animals are sick and not worth the bid.

By checking all these criteria you are assured that your Superior Livestock video auctions bidding experience would be successful and worth it.