Support Life Extension Research

Life extension research could perhaps help increase the human life expectancy over time. Disease is bad because it kills humans. Aging kills humans. So, perhaps aging is bad too, because it kills humans, like disease does. If humans could live indefinitely, then humans might have to worry less about time. Perhaps life could be lived more leisurely and more enjoyably.

Research is progressing all the time. Some research probably will better the human condition more than some other research. For example, pickle research might be less beneficial than basic research into how to prevent common health problems. Research into how to stop or reverse aging might be high risk research, but it also might have a high payoff if it is successful.

There are risks to just about everything. The life expectancy of humans can perhaps be increased if the right type of research is conducted. Perhaps those who have not yet been through a university should be encouraged to enter fields that would allow them to conduct research into life extension technologies.

Some humans live to over 110 years of age. If all humans could live to 1,000 years in good health, it might make life quite enjoyable. Humans may have to figure out how to colonize other areas of The Universe so as to avoid too much over-population. It seems there are many benefits to this future technology, and the benefits outweigh the risks. Life can be enjoyable and worthwhile, and humans should do what they can to extend it as much as possible, it seems.

There are some organizations devoted to ending aging. The SENS Foundation is one such organization. It is attempting to abolish, stop or reverse aging it seems.

Perhaps in about 20 years, human aging could be reversed if the research to make it happen goes quite well. If more humans devoted time, energy and resources to make it happen, then perhaps it could even happen sooner than 20 years.