Surgery Gift Baskets – Gift Baskets for Friends and Loved Ones Who Have Had Surgery

Instead of sending flowers, candies, a plain old fruit basket, or a teddy bear with a balloon, why not choose a special after surgery gift basket that is specially designed to let friends and loved ones know you care and want them to heal quickly and get well as soon as possible. These baskets can be ordered online from a number of vendors many of whom will personalize baskets or offer baskets geared toward patients who have had specific types of surgery such as a post-cardiac surgery or post back surgery basket. Items that can be helpful, nutritious, and enjoyable can all be packaged in a basket and arranged in a beautiful and decorative way so that this thoughtful gift is stunning when it is delivered. Friends and family will be grateful to receive such a beautiful and thoughtful gift and will be delighted to find practical and fun items that will help them on their way to better health.

Helpful Items to Include

Some items that seem to be helpful to nearly all patients are a soft, comfortable pillow or a warm and plush throw or blanket. Many patients will appreciate an ice pack cover or some sort of fancy or cute reusable icepack. Other items that are useful and practical but can be quite special include an unscented hypo-allergenic lotion, warm socks, a pair of slippers or a soft bath robe. A gift card for a haircut, especially for those who are having a longer hospitalization can be a great gift; check to see if the hospital has someone who comes in to wash hair and give a trim. These can be added even to a premade basket.

Fun Items to Include

A good book, a jigsaw puzzle, a book of crosswords or Sudoku, and a few cool pens or pencils are a great addition to a gift basket for the post-operative patient. A magazine or two that are geared toward the patient’s special interests would also be a nice addition. A gift card for music downloads or a bookstore or movie rentals are also a fantastic idea for those who will have a longer recovery period. A CD of favorite songs, a book of jokes for those who appreciate that kind of thing, or a DVD copy of a favorite old movie would also be wonderful for someone who will have some down time.

What about Food?

Keep in mind that snacks and food gifts should be healthy and should not interfere with a patient’s recovery. No potato chips after heart surgery, no sweets for a diabetic, and take care to make sure that nothing a patient might be allergic to is included. A few good snacks might include a fresh apple or two, some dried fruits or nuts, or perhaps some trail mix and a box of herbal tea. Food gifts are appreciated but should be thoughtful and appropriate to the individual patient’s situation.

No matter which kind of basket you decide to send, a personalized one or a standard one from a list provided by the vendor, a surgery gift basket is meant to help someone feel better. It is a wonderful gift that can easily be purchased online for convenience and quick delivery.