Surgical psychoanalysis: A remedy for your depression

big-imageLife is an ocean of sadness and happiness. Since childhood, people do face oodles of situations which later create a bizarre memory for the rest of life. Some combats with the mucky thoughts while some thoughts to resolve the intricacies through treatment. For those who are actually much aware definitely seeks for psychological help where the analyst tries to solve out the hidden problem of the unconscious mind through therapies.

The psychologists actually strive to dig the inner confrontations of the unconscious mind. Based on that, they do chalk out the character disorder and other behavioral traits in the concerned patient. Over all, the analyst do create a flowchart which helps the patient to anoint the pain areas and get better of it.


The interactive method pins into a person’s childhood days where he has faced certain instances which he has forgotten now. In addition to this, the treatment also works to bring out the cases where the ethics of the patient strongly reveals his inherited qualities. Apart from this, they do work on the manner, attitude of the human beings, experiences he has garnered over the growing years and more importantly, his thoughts.

Sometimes, it is seen that the patient is flummox with his concepts. This is because of the continuous struggle of the conscious and unconscious minds. In fact, it is a huge problem when the depressed thoughts cannot be placed into materialistic world. As a result, most of the time patients do encounter nerve problem, anxiety, depression and neurological problems.


Now the counselor uses various efficient methods guided by adroit skills and includes various therapies to end the problem. In the episodes of psychiatry, the surgical psychoanalysis has proved successful to treat diseases like phobias, convulsions, obsessive disorders. Indeed, it has proved magical for solving conjugal issues. Aside these, cases studies also added its treatment benefited in solving negative character traits like shyness, seductive disorder, too much dedication for work, extremely unpleasant to interact.

For those who actually suffer from these problems often knock the door of an analyst. But prior that, he needs to recognize himself and rate its speeching ability; additionally should be placidly communicative. On the other hand, the recipient should show his urge and eagerness to the treatment. He needs to make sure that he would cooperate with the therapists throughout the process. At the same time, the patient needs to give that required conviction on the analyst and help him to get insight the problems.


The patient should be notified about the sessions of this work on a particular model. If the patient is schizophrenic or suffering from prolonged mental problem, then the session takes much longer time. Sometimes, it is also seen that patients act too suicidal in that case the analyst do map out the model and edit that as necessary depending on the individual.

In order to know more on surgical psychoanalysis, you have to figure out the chapters of the book written by famous author Dr Rambarun Maha Prakash.