News Surival Skills for the Unemployed

Surival Skills for the Unemployed


The quotation, ‘Tough times don’t last; tough people do,’ by Robert Schuller, is one of my mother’s favorite quotations. Believe me, when she was raising me and my four siblings–she had every right to get down in the dumps. She always managed to keep going. Being a woman of deep faith, she kept her eye on God and only allowed positive media to flow into her mind. It worked for her. I, as well as many others lack her solid faith. Yet, I have also witnessed people ‘make it’ out of the depths of debt, even without the faith in an entity that they consider to be God.

The number 1, main thing I suggest is to get rid of a ‘stinkin-thinkin’ attitude and dive into positive influences. Doing this may not make an immediate difference in your cash flow, but it could help prepare you to receive good things to come.

Though I have been out of ‘Employer Paid Work’, I have never claimed unemployment, I either found an employer paid job or found a way to employ myself as an Independent Contractor. Sometimes I worked for less pay than I made in prior jobs, or less pay than what I wanted and needed. In other words, I considered and took advantage of ‘less than perfect opportunities’. Here are a few examples:

I currently run a USA Today commercial paper route.This requires: a dependable vehicle with verifiable auto insurance, a computer with Internet access (you can use the libraries’ if you do not have your own computer). Motivation (sometimes I really do not want to do this. At the beginning of the route, 50 stops can seem overwhelming). You need to be able to lift bundles (20-30lb), walk, get in and out of a vehicle. I work as an Independent Contractor. Make sure you budget enough for gas and vehicle upkeep.

Compensation equals total revenue-bill for product=Gross Profit. Gross profit – expenses= taxable net profit.

  • I subcontract as a medical courier. (I transport lab samples and supplies, and MRI records from one hospital to another). Again, you need a reliable vehicle with auto insurance and a phone so clients can contact you. I am on call 24×7; but not ALL situations such as this would require a 24 x7 on call).

Quick summary:

  1. Dive in to positive influences
  2. Open your mind to less than perfect temporary solutions.
  3. Take inventory of tools, assets, and skills you currently possess.
  4. Be willing to work.

Yes, of course, I, too, would rather have had a j.o.b. with benefits–but I have worked as an Independent Contractor for awhile now and think I am becoming addicted to the ‘more freedom, more responsibility’. The mileage deduction at tax time will be sweet.

Surival Skills for the Unemployed
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