SUV With Best Gas Mileage and 3rd Row Seating – Do You Really Need It?

SUV gas mileage isn’t exactly popular. Simply, SUVs are well-known all over as some of the largest gas guzzlers at the auto world. Therefore when one of my buddies told me that he was searching for the SUV with best gas mileage and 3rd row seating ranking, I was a bit surprised. It did not in fact make sense at all. If you will purchase an SUV, you are sending the world a clear message: luxury concerns me a lot more than efficiency. Certainly there are particular SUV firms like Subaru that primarily target environment friendly people, however even these aren’t famous for being extremely energy-efficient. Still, I was interested. I needed to learn more regarding the SUV with best gas mileage and 3rd row seating.

The actual problem is that the category SUV is quite versatile. Even though they’re meant to be durable vehicles geared up for off-road driving, the truth is quite different. A lot of them are actually status icons that include a lot of options and extras. They’re spacious inside, high above the land surface and sizeable enough so that if they get in accidents, the other car takes the worst of it. That is not to state that SUVs are safe and sound. Even the SUV with best gas mileage and 3rd row seating will not protect you from a roll-over accident, and that could be lethal. These days, a lot of the design defects built into sport utility cars are being fixed, however I still would not trust one with my life without carrying out plenty of research.

The number one problem with this project, surely, was trying to think up a definition for what an SUV is. A vehicle like the Saturn Outlook, as an instance, may well be regarded as an SUV however might not. Would a crossover car meet the criteria of the 3rd row seating best gas mileage SUV? It’s quite difficult to tell, and my buddy could not make a decision.

In many ways his entire project was pointless. It did have one nice effect, even so. Finding out about the best gas mileage SUV really made him think. For the amount of cash that he would spend purchasing a brand new SUV, he could easily get something that was really fuel-efficient like a Honda hybrid car. He discovered that he really did not need an SUV. He did not carry a lot of things in his car, he did not go off-road often and his family is not that big. Rather, he put in his cash in a fuel-efficient vehicle. It may not be as large and overbearing; however it’s a far better investment over time.