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Swimming Goggles That Fit Over Glasses

Swimming is a fun and healthy activity for anyone to be involved in. Swimming goggles that fit over glasses can keep your eyes protected from chlorine in pools, and help you see while under water. Goggles can be a bit uncomfortable for some to where. Most people feel they’re too tight, which is why goggles that can fit directly over your everyday glasses might be a better alternative.

Goggles can also keep your glasses protected while enjoying a day at the beach, or at your local pool in the water. I’ve listed some of top rated and the very best swimming goggles to buy.

Smoked Lens Swimming Goggles

Smoked Lens goggles are the latest fashion and style for men and women to wear. They are tinted and look a lot like sunglasses. You don’t have to worry about these lenses breaking because they’re shatter proof. These lenses are made with a shatterproof polycarbonate. The Smoked Lens All Star Global Vision Goggles has gotten some positive feedback from customers online.

These seem to solve the problem most eye glass wearers have with regular goggles. They seem to fit quite nicely, and are very comfortable to wear. They’ll keep chlorine out of your eyes for those that have extremely sensitive eyes, and are allergic to chlorine.

The outer layer is made with a very soft and durably air foam. So they won’t press against your face. These are very cool, cheap, and effective vision goggles that can help you enjoy your time in the water more.

Motorcycle Goggles

Motorcycle sunglasses and goggles have become a huge hit. They’re definitely in style, and look rather cool to wear at the poor or just casually. These don’t look like goggles at all. The great thing about these goggles is that they don’t just help protect you from water, but they’ll protect you from the sun too. If you go to the beach a lot, then its highly recommended you go with these. You can walk around in them all day long, then take a swim with them.

Most people prefer these types of goggles because they’re extremely strong, durable, comfortable to wear, and they will fit over your prescription glasses. The Global Vision Spider Motorcycle Goggles comes with an entire kit that includes adjustable straps, anti-slip grip strips, and the lenses are made with the shatterproof polycarbonate.

There’s a lot of feedback on amazon from these lenses. That’s why I feel its probably the best goggles to wear for prescription glasses, or just to wear in general while swimming and casually as sunglasses.

Best Clear Safety Anti-Fog Goggles

For those that aren’t so concern with style, but just want something that keeps your eyes protected, then the All-Star Clear Airsoft Safety Goggles seem to be the absolute best to wear. These are big lenses that are anti-fog, allowing you to see in any type of condition. They’re extremely safe and easy to wear over your glasses. They’ve been rated an 87.1 airsoft safety rating. It seems the goggles are more suited for kids, since a lot of the feedback involved boys. But overall customers seem to appreciate these goggles for their swimming activities in the water.

Mirrored Goggles for Everyone

Mirrored goggles are the best because they reduce the glare in the eyes. That’s why most people prefer mirrored style goggles. They’re UV protected and also anti-fog. They’re cheap and durable to wear. Comfort might be the only real con on a lot of mirrored goggles for swimmer. However, the Speedo Vanquisher Plus Mirrored Swim Goggle seems like one of the better products available.

There are three nose bridges for a custom support for each individual. Speedo is the leading designer in swimming goggles. Their products come highly recommended for those to wear since they offer 95% protection from UV rays, and are anti-fog coated. They’re also hypo-allergenic silicone lens gaskets that sit comfortably around your eyes.

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