Swimming Pool Maintenance For Beginners

If you’re a new pool owner – whether you’ve just had one installed or purchased a new house with a pool – there are certain things you must be aware of so you can keep your pool looking at its best and safe to swim in.

Regular maintenance is a must when you own a pool. You have to ensure that that the chemical levels are correct and that there’s no debris floating around in it that could pose a health hazard.

Below are some top maintenance tips to keep your pool clean.

  • Clean Filters

Filters are vital for swimming pools – they keep the water clean and safe to swim in – however they can actually cause a lot of headache since they too can get dirty if you don’t clean them out regularly.

One of the best ways to improve filtration is to use a flocculant. A flocculant is a chemical that when added to your pool water will cause small pieces of dirt to coagulate into larger pieces that can be caught by the filter. This helps to improve the overall cleanliness of your pool and ensure that there are no small pieces of dirt that could cause a health hazard.

Even when using a flocculant however, you still have to clean out the filters so they can do their job effectively. You should clean your pool filter at least once every six months. A good way to remind yourself to do it is by thinking that the next time you visit the dentist, you should also clean the filter.

  • Get The Chemical Balance Right

Getting the chemical balance right is another key part of keeping your pool clean and safe. Chlorine is a key chemical needed for swimming pools as it helps to kill any bacteria that gets into your pool. However, using too much chlorine means it becomes and irritant so you need to ensure that they balance is just right.

A great way to keep chlorine levels stable is by using a stabilizer. Cyanuric Acid
Is a very popular type of stabilizer and will lower that amount of chlorine needed to keep your pool’s PH level.

Always be sure to test chemical levels regularly, especially after heavy use, since they can fluctuate quite a lot.

  • Skim Regularly

This is probably the easiest part of maintaining your pool but not something you should neglect. Skimming your pool to get rid of any rubbish or pieces of debris that might have fallen in is essential.

One of the most common pieces of debris that need to be removed from swimming pools are leaves. If there are any trees nearby then they’ll almost certainly be leaves that you need to remove from your pool on a regular basis.

By following these simple maintenance tips, you can keep your pool clean and ready to swim in whenever the urge strikes you. Keeping on top of pool maintenance is always recommended. The last thing you want is for a beautiful day to come around and you cannot use your pool because the chemical levels are wrong or the filters haven’t been cleaned. o debris floating around in it that could pose a health hazard.

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