Sydney Foot and Ankle reconstruction Surgery Specialist: the Team You Can Rely On

SFAS Specialists has a team of professional and well-experienced staff, nurses, and Orthopaedic Surgeons led by Dr Gordon Slater, an honourable man in the field of science and Foot and Ankle Surgery. It is their goal to help patients who are suffering from injured feet, ankles, or knees to get the best orthopaedic solution and walk again without pain and difficulty. Dr Slater bases his surgical procedures on the latest technology, MIFS, known to surgeons as the Minimally Invasive orthopaedic Surgery, which is based on a technique in surgery wherein only a small incision is enough to correct or treat the injury.

The staff can arrange everything to assist the patient. From the consultation to the check-up, the patient will get all the information about the condition. Treating each case as different from the other cases, it is important that the patient is given options to decide upon. One top option that Dr Slater specializes into treat different types of foot condition and injuries is the utilization of MIFS as the major surgery procedure. This is intended to make the procedure less invasive, but highly effective and with positive results.

Dr Slater and the whole staff want to avoid and erasethe feeling of pain and difficulty fromthe patientsÂ’ experience, especially after the surgery. This is intentionally addressed by focusing more on the injured area rather than on making a large incision that creates negative effects in the soft tissue of the foot or the knee, which will also take time to heal. This modern method allows the injury to heal and recover as quickly as possible. If your injury needs surgery to be treated, you can expect the whole team to assist you and guide you throughout the procedure.

With all the highly efficient services and surgeries that Dr Slater offers, plus the reliable team of medical staff he has, recovering from an injury willnow be a lot easier for patients with foot and ankle conditions. With a team that is focused on giving the best services and a surgeon who has the expertise when it comes to MIFS, the SFAS Specialist is indeed a team you can rely on for your treatment and rehabilitation. Knowing that the best people are handling your medical needs, you are left with just one thing, and that is to recover from the surgery and injury faster and easier, without the pain.