Symptoms and Causes of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a global disease. Through all the development in technology and science that the breast cancer hospitals in India have attained, we have not been able to curb the rise in the last five decades or so. The statistics for breast cancer in India is just alarming. Make no mistake, there is no escaping it. What is alarming is the rise of breast cancer patients in India even after we have all the advanced technology, yearly mammograms and diagnosis. Statistics reveal that 80% of breast cancer cases are found in women who are above 50. However, a large number of women find themselves affected by this phenomenon in their late twenties. The main problem seems to be the fact that women know about breast cancer as a phenomenon, but they just don’t know enough about the detection, treatment procedure and preliminary tests that are involved.
Treatment for breast cancer is mainly targeted at stopping the cancer from growing and spreading or reducing the speed of its growth as much as possible. The main aim however would be to control the pain, discomfort and other symptoms.
There are a few different ways of treating breast cancer; few of them are available in most of the breast cancer hospitals in India:

• Systemic Treatment
Targeted therapy
Hormonal therapy

• Loco regional Treatment
Breast reconstruction

Symptoms and Signs:

The usual symptoms of most breast cancer cases are the lump felt by the patient during routine physical examination or mammography. In rarity, the presenting symptom is the thickening of one breast. Have you heard of the Paget’s disease of the nipple? This is where the skin changes including the erythema, and crusting, scaling of the nipple.
However, during the initial physical examinations a lump is considered as the first symptom to be felt distinctly compared to the surrounding breast area. Technically advanced breast tests are characterized by fixation of the lump to the chest wall or to the upper layer of the skin, by satellite nodules or ulcers in the skin. Moreover, inflammatory cancer in the breasts is characterized by inflammation and rapid enlargement of the breast. If the lump is not detected then the treatment might take a particularly aggressive course.

What causes breast cancer?

There can never be a lone reason while talking about cancer. In the case of breast cancer, the reasons can be anything from food habits, lifestyle habits and sexual and pregnancy complications. The major reasons are:
• Late marriage
• Sedentary lifestyle
• Contraceptive pillsBreast Cancer treatment India
• Smoking
• Fewer children and thus pregnancy
• Food habits
• Alcohol
• Hereditary factors and
• Avoiding breast-feeding

Through all the development in technology and science that the breast cancer hospitals in India have attained, there is still some catching up to do because we are still not been able to curb the rise of this deadly disease.