Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth and Some Home Remedies

Do you know what the condition and some of the symptoms of abscessed tooth are? This is by far one of the most painful tooth conditions you can ever get. Your teeth and gums are very sensitive – this painful infection occurs at the root of your tooth or even between your gums and a tooth so the pain can be pretty bad. Thankfully there are some natural home remedies to relieve the pain from this condition before you even head to the dentist.

What are Some of the Symptoms of Abscessed Tooth?

If you think you have this condition you need to understand exactly what the symptoms of abscessed tooth are first:

– Do you have a bad toothache that is very painful and won’t go away?

– Did you notice a bad taste in your mouth?

– Do you have a fever or a high temperature?

– Are you teeth feeling more sensitive than normal?

– Are you gums swollen or red? Are you experiencing very bad discomfort?

These are a few of the biggest symptoms of abscessed tooth.

Natural Home Remedies for Abscessed Tooth

If you have it you will eventually need to go to the doctor and you may need to get a root canal. He may even prescribe you antibiotics.

However, before you even go to the doctor you will want to treat the pain and lessen the side effects of abscessed tooth.

– Rinse with warm salt water several times a day!

– Also consider rinsing with mouth wash

–  Eat hot soup as much as you can.

– Do NOT eat sugary foods and do not drink coffee or soda.

– Use an ultra sensitive toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your teeth because the normal ones will hurt way too much.

Best Treatment for Abscessed Toothpain

*The best thing I’ve used  oil of cloves (eugenol) – This is a good local anaesthetic for temporary relief from toothache pain. It works like nothing else I’ve tried before. Check out some of the reviews for yourself.

Hopefully you never have to experience the symptoms of abscessed tooth but if you do I hope you use these home remedies and pain relief techniques!