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Symptoms of Shingles on Face

Have you felt some discomfort or soreness or found blister rashes on your body, including your legs or head area? Is your condition painful and enduring, even after the visible symptoms have subsided? The symptoms of shingles on face or around the eyes might be similar.

Shingles is a viral condition which can be very painful, it also causes blisters and a sore rash to appear on the skin. You might be asking about whether or not you have Psoriasis? There are similarities, but also a few distinct differences between shingles and psoriasis. The pain can linger even after the rash has fully cleared up making this a horrible experience.

Symptoms of Shingles on Face or Around Eyes or Nose

The symptoms are blisters or rash on the face, eyelids or on and around the nose. The infection will make your skin burn, tingle or itch at first and usually affects one side of the body and can last up to 3 days.

The rash then develops into a blister which is translucent at first and then can turn red with blood or yellow in color. Painful blisters can last up to 3 weeks with such severity that a doctor may prescribe pain medications to relieve some of the persistent pain. Other symptoms may include headaches or even flu-like symptoms.

This condition can also be known as postherpetic neuraligia and can be treated effectively so your skin can begin to heal. If you start a treatment early you can successfully recover from this illness sooner, most symptoms are not severe but having it on your face can become dangerous if not properly cared for.

If you start getting rashes or pain around you eyes, you should make an appointment to see your doctor as this can effect your eyes and even your eyesight (How Eyesight Works). If you have a weakened immune system, you can also get other types of infections, including MRSA, so it is important to get it looked at by a professional.

Conventional treatment for symptoms of shingles on face or near your eyes and nose usually consists of an anti viral medication and a anti-inflammatory, topical ointments and creams may also be prescribed to help heal your skin, rashes, and blisters. If your condition is less severe, you might consider natural remedies that can help relieve many of the common symptoms and help you recover much faster.

Natural treatments for Symptoms of Shingles on Face

To prevent your rashes from spreading it is important that you keep them dry and clean to prevent more bacterial infections. A natural treatment for shingles is to apply cool towels or ice packs on your face as often as possible, you can also apply extra virgin coconut oil, aloe vera pulp, eucalyptus oil or olive oil on your rashes. These natural alternatives will help heal your skin, you can also take extra virgin coconut oil orally or add it in your cooking as it can help boost your immune system and speed up healing even further.

If you experience pain and discomfort you can apply lemon, peppermint or coconut oil which will help fight the virus and can also help reduce pain and absorb moisture.You will also find that it can help heal your skin a lot faster. When you have shingles it is also vital that you have a healthy diet by ensuring that you eat a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables.

Stop eating anything with sugar in it as high sugar foods can weaken your immune system even more. Instead eat foods that have anti inflammatory and anti viral properties such as green tea. If you start getting symptoms of shingles on your face and body apply these home remedies and visit your family doctor or dermatologist for guidance. By using conventional and natural remedies together you will find that you will recover a lot quicker, so your body can begin to heal.

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