Syncing With Other Browsers on iOS

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Even if you are using Apple devices, you still have a chance to synchronize bookmarks between Safari on Mac and other browsers. The Apple iOS is equipped to synchronize and use Safari as its browser and for this reason; it becomes easy to work with Mac. However if you are wondering how will you sync your bookmarks if you are using other browser then read on to find out. Using Google Chrome on your iPhone or your iPad for synchronizing bookmarks or using Firefox or IE is easy if you know the trick.

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Using Safari

Apple provides you the iCloud service that gives you the opportunity to sync data on your iDevices. This service is already available on Mac. However, this service is also available for Windows users.

If you are using Safari on Mac then the process of synchronization is already enabled as the default action. If not then you can still check by launching Preferences-> iCloud preferences, check if the option of Safari is check marked.

Using iCloud

To use iCloud on your apple device you first need to download the application. Download iCloud Control Panel app that is compatible with Windows and then install this app. When you are done installing it, launch the app and login using you Apple ID. This can be easily done on your iPhone or your iPad.

Bookmark syncing is possible with various other browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), and Firefox. Go to ‘Options’ to synchronize bookmarks in a specific browser. Here you need to remember that Favorites section is for bookmarks in IE. After doing this you will be able to access the synced bookmarks across your other iDevices including iPhone and iPad through Safari.

Using Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome on your iPhone or your iPad then you can utilize the in-built Sync feature. This is the official app for iOS devices, which can be set up on your desktop version. Although, this feature is already enabled by default but if it is not then you can still log into Chrome browser to enable it. This can be ensured by checking the Setting screen to see if you are already signed in, then click Advance sync option to ensure that your syncing for bookmark is enabled.

Syncing Options in Chrome

After setting up the Chrome sync all you need to do is install the Chrome app that is available at the App Store. Sign into App Store using your Google Account, you will be amazed that your browser tabs are now automatically synced. This is the best available option provided by Chrome as it helps you get across several platforms with ease. Synchronizing open tabs with your other devices is now easy and hassle-free. The only thing that might irk you is that the process is a tad bit slower than Safari when used on iPad and iPhone.

Using iTunes

Syncing is possible using iTunes with your iPhone and iPad. This is possible by manual initiation of the syncing process. All you need to do is initiate a manual sync process using your USB plugin. First hook up your device to your desktop via USB then launch iTunes and go to the info tab.

Even though, this manual syncing process might sound primitive to you but this comes handy for creating a copy on Desktop of your bookmarks.

Now after learning about syncing bookmarks with several browsers you can easily access your bookmarks using your iPhone or your iPad.

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