News Table Top Easels for Kids: A Buying Guide

Table Top Easels for Kids: A Buying Guide


A table top easel might be perfect if you are looking for something less bulky than a traditional children’s art easel.

A table top easel is a great idea if you have a child who loves painting or a child who has health problems making them unable to stand for long periods of time. It would also make a suitable easel for an adult who enjoys painting as a hobby and wants to do it in comfort at a cheaper price (many adult art supplies are more expensive than kids art supplies). A great addition to your home art supplies.

Table top easels have all the standard features of a standard easel but they fit neatly onto a table for painting activities. There are a number of table top easels available for sale. These are the most popular easels according to parent reviews.

Table Top Easels for Kids: A Buying Guide

The Classic Table Top Easel

The Constructive Playthings Table Top Easel has a lot of good points. It has a chalkboard on one side and a wipe-off marker board (white board) on the other. Just add paper (with the two clips included) and you have a painting easel. The Constructive Playthings Easel also provides quick access to art supplies during play and folds up for easy storage. The miniature easel look gives it a more traditional look than many easels. Parents have also found this easel to be heaps of fun for their child and durable (so it can be passed on to other family members as each child outgrows it).

Table Top Easels for Kids: A Buying Guide

The Table Top Easel that Travels

The Faber Castell Do Art – Travel Easel is not really a table top easel but a high quality portable art studio that can be used any where, including at a table. This kids’ art easel is full of premium artist quality Faber-Castell® supplies including pastels, markers, chalk, colored pencils and a drawing pad. All the supplies, except the paper fit inside the easel for easy storage and travel, although for children who like to use a lot of colors a small carry bag for extra supplies may come in handy. It also has a drawing easel, chialkboard and a white board. Most parents love the Travel Easel and find it easy to carry around and set up. They warn the chalkboard is messy though so if mess is going to be a problem parents may want to encourage their child to use the other art supplies instead.

Table Top Easels for Kids: A Buying Guide

A Popular Easel From Alex Toys

Parents also rate the Alex Magnetic Table Top Easel highly. It has everything the standard table top easel offers with a bright and colorful design. Parents who have bought this art easel suggest that because the easel is easuy to set up and store away you might need to re-tighten the side knobs from time to time. Due to the smoothness of the easel’s design it is also best if the easel is not used on a slippery or overally smooth surface.

Table Top Easels for Kids: A Buying Guide
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