Tablet Coating – An Important Part of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical coating is an important technique in making pills and other drugs. As the pharmaceutical industry improves, the coating methods carry on to move forward. There are advanced tablet coating machines that are effectively used to coat tablet and pills.

Sugar coating was very popular initially that gave more likable taste and more appealing look to capsules, and also alleviates the bitterness of medicines that aren’t satisfying. Today, numerous coating forms have been introduced, like enteric covering which puts off the discharge of the drug until it reaches to the intestine. Though pharmaceutical coating is a complex procedure, it continues to enhance the stability or tailor the discharge of the medicines.

Since sugar coating procedure could take up to 5 days, there was no requirement to come with alternative procedures of pharmaceutical coating. Some of the issues concerned with sugar tablets are high level of operator skills, lengthy procedure and details in labeling capsules with logo & product name. Due to this, many changes have taken place into sugar coating, for instance, the utilization of atomizing systems for spray on sugar covering, air-suspension methods, more effective drying systems and the utilization of aluminum dyes to enhance constancy of color.

Modern coating utilizes film covering made of cellulose derivatives such as hydroxyproply methylcellulose and infrequently-used materials like polyvinyl alcohol and other waxy materials. A film coating is a slim, polymer-based coat that’s applied to a capsule and when the film structure is examined closely, it’s frequently non-homogenous, which’s the consequence of deliberate incorporation of unsolvable pigments for coloring and from the chronic coating process.

There has been huge enhancement in tablet coating machines and other pharmaceutical machines such as Tube filling and Sealing Machine, table press, capsule filling machines, etc. since the pharmaceutical industry is a part of the healthcare industry, it is important to choose the right machines the for the particular job whether it is coating or filling.

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