Tagaytay Venues For A Spa-Themed Wedding

A lot of engaged couples go for themes when planning their wedding. Aside from making the wedding more fun, a theme will make the wedding more cohesive and easier to plan. There are numerous themes that a bride and a groom can choose from; they are only limited by what they can think of and imagine. One of the many wedding themes that are quite popular is a spa theme.

Those couples who usually choose to have a spa-themed wedding choose to do so because of the ambiance that they want to recreate in their wedding. Spa places are usually calm, relaxing, and peaceful – all pretty much desirable descriptions of a wedding. If you are thinking of having a spa-themed wedding, choosing your reception venue will have a huge impact in implementing your theme and many Tagaytay properties – with the cool weather and relaxing atmosphere – are perfect locations for a spa-themed wedding.

Although you may choose to go for the usual Tagaytay hotels and resorts for your wedding, there are quite a few smaller and more intimate venues that you might prefer. Below are some venues in Tagaytay that are excellent for a spa-themed wedding.

Nurture Spa

No other venue is perfect for a spa-themed wedding than the Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay. This Spa Village may not offer the typical view of the lake and Taal volcano, but it makes up for it with the lush greenery and relaxing ambiance. The whole place is really a spa, putting authenticity to your theme and making it easier to conceptualize.

Nurture Spa offers a wedding package which includes full venue setup, catering services, exclusive use of the venue, overnight accommodations, and spa services for the bride and groom.

Sonya’s Garden

Long before Sonya’s Garden started accepting bookings for weddings, it was one of Tagaytay’s best-kept secret. Known for its wonderfully healthy dishes, many still troop to this garden restaurant whenever they are in Tagaytay. It is not surprising that many couples chose to have their wedding here, along with many others who are still about to get married here.

The abundant foliage in Sonya’s Garden provides the perfect wedding setting all on their own sans the view of the Taal volcano. With the rustic styling of Sonya’s Garden, there is very little that you need to do to make it wedding-worthy. Although it is more popular as a healthy garden restaurant, Sonya’s also offers spa services and the overall ambiance of this venue is also perfect for a spa-themed wedding.

Sonya’s Garden offers wedding packages and you can opt to go for a Filipino-themed menu or one that offers classic favorites from the restaurant offerings. For a minimum of 100 guests, the package also includes a complimentary overnight stay for the couple at the Bed and Breakfast.