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Tagging Your Articles to Get More Google Traffic

Tagging is a popular feature on most web 2.0 (information-sharing, user-generated sites) and an important part of article publishing process here at Seekyt. You can’t submit your article without entering tags in the corresponding box under the text editor. Choose them carefully because based on this type of metadata, related posts will appear in the adequate section under your article, and web crawlers (also called robots and spiders) will find your webpages more easily.

What Are Tags?

Tags are terms or keywords/keyword phrases assigned to a piece of information; in terms of article writing and publishing, these keywords are assigned to the topic of your article. They help search engines understand what your article is about. Besides adding related articles to your webpages, tags have an important function of categorizing articles (according to topics) and helping online internet users find your content. Tags are a ‘bottom-up’ type of classification tool with an unlimited number of ways to categorize articles. Placed in individual articles, they will ensure that your content is more visible for a broader range of search queries.

Example #1:

For example, if your post is about PC Blue Ray Players:

  • broad tags could be: technology, computers, pc, blu-ray, computer hardware, etc.
  • more specific tags could be: pc blu ray, internal blu-ray disc drives, external blu-ray disc drives, etc.

Example #2:

If your post is about disposable baby diapers:

  • broad tags could be: baby, baby products, diapers, cheap dipers, disposable diapers, etc.
  • specific tags: buy huggies online, eco friendly diapers online, buy disposable diapers amazon, etc.

Tags & Related Posts

Tags in Seekyt articles are mainly used for automated adding of related articles and certain search criteria, for example, putting articles into categories (for search engines). The related posts under your articles are based on the first 5 tags you submit in the corresponding tag box under the text editor. Broader terms will get you more content-related results in the related posts section.

To see all the articles with the same tag that you’ve included in your article, click the Tag button under the article (the Tag button is next to the Save button on the left, right under the sharing buttons, see Figure 1). Tags you’ve used while submitting your article will show up in a horizontal list.

Tags Button Seekyt Photo

Figure 1: The Tag button

Tag Pages & Backlinks from Tag Pages

When I say backlinks from tag pages, I say Google love!

Each of the tags has its own page set up, similar to the home page list of the latest articles.

In a nutshell, tags are links to pages created with the tag as the header or title of the page. When you click on any tag in the pop-up horizontal list (after you’ve clicked the Tag button under the article), a page will open in a new window listing articles tagged with this keyword (tag). Your article has to be listed there (among others, if the same tag is on them) – in this case, you have a backlink from another page. Google loves it and you love it, too!

Be aware though, adding a lot of tags is a good way to drive a lot of Google traffic, but exaggerating with numerous tags (especially if they are not relevant to the topic) loses efficiency. Using a dozen (or so) tags would be quite enough for a 1000 word article.

If we pay attention to tags and check them more often, we’ll have a chance to keep track of specific topics at Seekyt and generate new article ideas.

Tips on Tagging Your Seekyt Articles

  • use keywords directly related to the topic of your article
  • don’t exaggerate with tags – a dozen and not more than 20 is more than enough!
  • make the first five tags broader (to get better related posts results)
  • include specific tags (to get better results from search engines)
  • when tagging your article, ask yourself a question: Would the person searching for this term be interested in my article? If you think ‘yes,’ include the tag.

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