Taking A Vow With Christian Purity Rings

In a committed, loving relationship, sex is a beautiful way to share emotion and passion, and Christian purity rings are a symbol that a couple has chosen to share in this only after marriage. However, for young couples in high school and college, sex can become manipulating device, used mistakenly to prove one’s love or to play with the emotions of one another. Sex between young people without the sanctity of marriage can lead to guilt, shame, and regret. It can also lead to pregnancy, disease, and even death. In today’s age, there is a growing need for Christian purity rings and what they represent.

Love And Security

Very often, in young love, one or both partners will believe that sex is a vehicle by which they can control that other person and keep them from leaving the relationship. Insecurity drives them to make these decisions, with the misguided notion that sex will help them prove their love for one another. Christian purity rings, exchanged between young couples, gives them the opportunity to make these promises and prove their devotion to one another without sex. Like in marriage, each partner can feel strong and secure in the fact that their partner is wearing their ring.

Fashion And Style

Choosing Christian promise rings can be just as much fun as picking out any piece of jewelry. They are made available by a wide range of retailers, in stores and online. You may choose a simple band inscribed with a phrase from scripture or a Christian image like a cross or a dove. You may also choose either silver or gold. In fact, a plain gold band is sufficient. The point is that the ring will serve as a reminder of your vows. Of course, the goal of Christian purity rings is usually to make your vows and convictions public, so many prefer rings that state their purpose plainly with inscription or appearance.

How Much Do Christian Purity Rings Cost?

Of course, when it comes to jewelry, you can usually find ways to spend lots of money. You can find Christian purity rings that cost hundreds of dollars and are encrusted in jewels. They are, however, targeted at young people who may not have jobs or the financial means to make a purchase like that. These rings are can be found for as little as $30.00 or 40.00, making them accessible to wide range of people and ensuring the price does not stand in the way of young couples making this important vow.