Taking The Pledge Of Abstinence With A True Love Waits Ring

If you’re looking for a true love waits ring…you’re also probably looking for good reasons why you should pick one out. However, there are quite a few good reasons why you should take the pledge. And, they all related to one major thing. You have to understand that physical intimacy makes everything extremely confusing for several reasons. This is because EVERYTHING affects how you act while being intimate. Here are the three ways it affects you and why it makes thing so complicated…and why you should definitely take the pledge with a true love waits ring.


Think of it this way—every time you’re upset, your partner will know how that effects things. They will also start to get upset whenever you’re upset if they know that negatively affects things, since it won’t be the “normal” way. This might seem a bit odd, but look at how a partner treats you when you’re upset and you’re still both pure. There’s a little less irritation if you’re upset, if any irritation at all. Needless to say, if you’re in a great mood, they’re going to go after it. Your partner will even struggle to put you in the right mood. This is something that’s frequently shown on television—and it’s an actual technique that people try to use, since emotions do affect sexual contact. This is another one of the reasons that you should take the pledge with a true love waits ring—with a true love waits ring, you don’t have to worry about this.


Physically, it can be a bit frustrating. Because, like with emotions, they know that if you have a headache or…a hurting tooth, that you’re pretty much out of business. And this can make them bitter towards you, especially if they’re ready to go and you aren’t…which, again, is one way that the true love waits ring comes in handy. It makes it so you don’t have to worry about a cranky partner or physical desire—at least, a much diminished physical desire. Anyhow, it does create a lot less pressure and worry on you, just because you took the true love waits ring pledge. Not to mention being monogamous is better for your health.


Since it takes pressure off of you, it makes life more enjoyable. All that it takes is a true love waits ring. You don’t have to be religious to take this pledge—it’s not about religion; it’s about your peace of mind and mental health. There are plenty of reasons to take the true love waits ring.