Talcum Powder vs Corn Starch Powder

Most people have heard of baby powder. This seemingly innocent powder is used to help prevent diaper rash and to help keep babies dry and happy. It has been used for decades, and is still used by millions of mothers around the world. The problem, however, is that it isn’t entirely safe.

Traditional Baby Powder

Traditional baby powder is made from crushed talc. Talcum powder is actually very common and is used in hundreds of products. The powder has amazing astringent properties that reduce friction and help to prevent diaper rash.

Unfortunately, talcum powder has tiny particles. When sprinkled these particles can become airborne and inhaled by the baby leading to respiratory problems later in life. The answer to that problem is to use a product made from a different source.

Corn Starch Powder

Many companies that make talcum powder have begun offering an alternative: same smell and basically indistinguishable differences, but made of corn starch instead of talcum.

With this new product, which has particles that are a lot larger, babies can get the powder on their behinds that they need, and the parents don’t have to worry about them inhaling the powder and causing serious respiratory problems.

Other Options to Powders

Some parents, however, still don’t want to risk using a powder. Instead they would like to eliminate the risk of inhaling any powder whatsoever. There are a number of pastes that can be used in place of diaper powder. These pastes, since they have moisture, eliminate the risk of airborne particles.

Diaper rash is a big problem that lots of babies suffer from. Talcum powder can be dangerous to use for them, and actually talcum powder is dangerous for adults as well. Instead, corn starch based powder and pastes are a better alternative for the discerning parent to use.