Tall People are More Successful

Frost Report Class Sketch
The classic Frost Report Class Sketch.
Frost Report Class Sketch
The classic Frost Report Class Sketch.

Why being tall means you’re more likely to reach new heights in the workplace

Being tall may come with a handful of disadvantages – like finding trousers that cover your ankles or trying to get comfortable on a budget flight – but the pros far outweigh the cons. It’s not just the obvious ones like being able to see the stage at gigs and always being able to reach products on the top shelves, it turns out that tall people are also more successful in business. Sound like a tall tale? According to research, it’s all true.

What does being more successful mean?

In the world of business, it all comes down to money. Put simply, taller people earn more. This isn’t a completely new phenomenon, as a 2004 US study showed that those measuring six feet or over will be predicted to earn almost $166,000 (£100,000) more over a 30 year career. It’s not just cold hard cash either. Research has shown that taller people were more satisfied both at work, and with life in general.

Why does this happen?

There are quite a few theories around why height equals success. Scientists at both the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan attribute it to the height successful people were in adolescence, not their actual height in adulthood. Their research focused on males and they claim that taller teens participate in more social activities, such as athletics and school clubs. They also tend to start dating earlier, meaning they become more sociable and gain skills that can be transferred into the workplace in later life.

Research also shows that height can be linked to smarter children. It can indicate more cognitive ability, which means that taller children learn faster, which is obviously a huge advantage in the working world.

This link between height and cognitive ability could be linked to specific growth factors too, such as the thyroid hormone that stimulates both growth and development.

Tall people still have some difficulties to deal with though

All of this success does come at a price though – albeit a pretty small one. General office furniture is simply not designed for tall people, so this can cause discomfort, back ache and other health problems. If you’re a tall person and you’re working in an office environment, you might want to consider switching up your furniture. After all, if you’re going to be scoring promotions and climbing the ladder, you want to do it in complete comfort!

Some chairs are designed for greater comfort. For examples, the H&M Office Seating big and tall range provides you with the most comfortable position while you work. The right chair will give you the best back support and will also make sure your arms are property aligned with your chair supports. You should also consider getting a desk that can change heights, as constantly bumping your knees is certainly not a comfortable way to go about your day!

Getting specialist office furniture like this might seem unnecessary, but it can help prevent persistent issues like back ache and neck pain, leaving you to concentrate on acing that promotion!