Tattoo care

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Tattoo after care

Getting a tattoo is as much important as all the factors to be remembered before and after getting a tattoo. The permanence and the success of a long-lasting tattoo depend on a good deal of matters. The person willing to have tattoos must be sure of getting inked because once he/she gets the one it is supposed to last for lifetime. Tattoo care is the process of taking a good care before the tattoo being done and after the same being made. Safety should always be maintained not to make it look vulgar and ugly.

How to take care of tattoos

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Tattoo care, Seekyt

Before going for tattooing one should and should not do certain things. After being mentally prepared for getting a tattoo a person ought to check thoroughly the authenticity of the tattoo artist whom he is going to make the tattoo from. The tattooist should be a specialized one in this field and should have his own legal and licensed parlor which is at the same time clean and infection-free not to spread the germs and infectious bacteria. Secondly the needles used for tattooing should be clean, safe and sterilized. The person must take rest and should be completely fit before the appointment. Taking drugs or alcohol is not recommended as it may lead to excessive bleeding or drowsiness. Empty stomach or having painkillers before the procedure is also advised to avoid to prevent side-effects.

During the process one is not allowed to move as it causes mistake in depicting the outline. The person to be tattooed can bring someone with him/her with the consent of the specialist.If the process is a long or time-consuming one he/she may come with an earphone and music player to play her favorite music.In some cases people are suggested to carry juice or water or some snacks to eat for taking a break.If one feels uneasy or uncomfortable one can tell that to the tattooist and request him to stop for a while.

After it is done the tattoo artist provides the tattoo with a bandage that protects the skin from the airborne bacteria and infections. Out of impulsiveness one may be tempted to open the bandage to show the new one to his/her friends or closed ones.But a second’s blunder can be a regret forever and can spoil the beauty of the tattoo. Normally it is advised to leave the bandage on for 2-3 hours or the time span given by the tattoo expert. Plain plastic bandage should not be taken just to avoid risk.Next it is time to wash the tattoo after removing the bandage. Experts prescribe lukewarm water to wash the tattoo and it is best to take the advice before using the proper and mild anti-bacterial soap for cleaning.Hands are best tools to gently clean the blood and plasma if any.Instead of rubbing one should pat the portion with a totally clean towel or paper towel.Only prescribed ointment is to be followed to apply on the area. One may switch over to recommended lotion also to soften the place but the lotion must be dye and fragrance-free.

What should you do after getting a tattoo

After being inked one may be confused whether he/she should take bath or shower. Taking shower is okay but bathing in a hot tub or in a swimming pool may be dangerous in the sense of causing bacterial infection and severe damages. So during the healing period for 2 or 3 weeks taking bath in hot water or in swimming pool is strictly forbidden.It is to be noticed that in anyway the tattoo does not get soaked by water while taking shower. The after effects that can be seen are signs of peeling and scabbing. Scabbing may also result in itching problem but it is advisable not to scratch the part and it would come off soon. To avoid itching one can apply prescribed lotion and message it in a lighter way. The tattoo must not be exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The harshness of direct sunlight damages the beauty and color of a finely outlined tattoo. So minimum protection should be taken to save the tattoo from the heat of the sun with the help of a sun block. The UV rays ruin the details and elegance of a tattoo that once has been a subject of pride. So the job does not end with the tattoo being put on the body but also it goes on with the precautions to be carried on for retaining its everlasting freshness and look.

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Tattoo care, Seekyt
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