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Cross tattoo design

A cross is a symbol for a lot of things. As it is the most significant religious symbol for Christians, whenever a cross appears in front of our eyes, we think of Jesus Christ and his cross. This has been an important reason behind the popularity of the cross tattoos for women and men for a long time now. Tattooing is an integral part of self identity and self expression, and tattoos are no more considered an unconventional thing to do. A cross tattoo design can be a plain and simple one, and it can also be decorated to give a different look completely. With years, cross tattoos for women have become a popular tattoo design option. In earlier days, when tattooing was taken to be something out of the normal way, mostly men used to get tattoos done, so there was little scope for women tattoo designs to evolve successfully. What is interesting to note is that for a decade or so, it is women who are getting tattoos needled more than men. Of course this has led to a considerable rise in the creativity to get more and newer and better tattoo designs for women. Among these, cross tattoos for women is a really popular one.

A cross, as I said earlier, is mainly identified with Christianity. Christians from all over the world, whenever they want to get a tattoo done, does consider this one design at least once. The significance of the cross for Christians is immense. It signifies sacrifice, love, salvation and the highest of spiritual knowledge for Christians all over the world. It is interesting to note that though tattoos are originally a part of the pagan culture, for they originated much before Christianity arrived in the world, the popularity of this form of body art has permeated through every religion. People have seen through the boundaries of religion and appreciated the beauty of this form of art to accept it in their daily lives. Cross tattoos for women is just another specimen of this religious tolerance. Women, usually more conservative than men due to their strict upbringing within their homes and schools, have embraced tattoo designs whole heartedly. Cross tattoos for women mean not just a form of body art, but more than that a form of expression for their devotion to the Lord. Women seek alternative ways of expressing themselves for very often they are not allowed to speak what they want to, and so they take refuge in such forms of self expression as through cross tattoos especially designed for women.

Various forms of cross tattoo

Variety is something which people do not usually expect with such conventional symbols like cross tattoos, however there are a number of options to try for when it comes to cross tattoos for women. A cross is not singularly a Christian symbol. There have been specimens of the cross symbol in ancient civilizations like those of Egypt and Aztec. Celtic cross tattoos were popular in their days as well as the present day. Tattoos were more than just a fashion statement in those days. Tattoo designs were done to denote a person from a particular tribe, as well as prove masculinity of men. Tattoos were popular among women as well. The tattoo designs for women were more intricate and smaller in size. So, women being naturally conventional and more religious minded than men, opted for various types of cross tattoos designed for women. Through cultures and civilizations, women and men have been seen needled with cross tattoos.

The Celtic form of the cross tattoo has an accessory with it, which is a small ring around the cross. This is a symbol of the Celtic culture. If you are more of the non religious type, you can try this particular type of variation on cross tattoos for women. A cross is forever, for it is a standard and all over the world recognized symbol. But some people are not much inclined towards it thinking that it is a religious symbol. But such a variation is an unconventional mix of the traditional and the individual. The Egyptian cross symbol is called the ‘ankh’ for the similarity of the symbol and an eye. This is also a nice deviation from the regular cross design, and you can incorporate other Egyptian symbols or traditional script with the tattoo.

To decide what kind of a cross tattoo you want to opt for, you need to choose a tattoo artist or even more than one. You have to sit with them and discuss your preferences to know what they can offer you. The reason I say you can consult more than one tattoo painter is that if you are not happy with one’s patterns, you could opt for the other’s parlor. Also, discussing the design with your artist makes them understand what you want from the tattoo and help them give you a perfect cross tattoo design especially made for you.

Use of proper colors for cross tattoo

The use of proper colors is very important in the case of cross tattoos for women. As tattoos are no more just a sign of social rebellion and have become a part of our regular lives, use of sober colors is a good option. Black makes any tattoo look attractive. You can use light and dark shades of this color if you think you want to keep it formal even though it is a tattoo. However, if you like colors, you can try colors like blue or shades of blue. Red and maroon, purple, brown are also popular options. What you need to do before getting the tattoo needled is to do some research by yourself on the internet and visit tattoo parlors to have an idea about the popular designs of cross tattoos for women in the catalogs provided in the parlors.

Whatever the type of variation you choose for your exclusive cross tattoo, or whichever color that you choose, you need to keep in mind that tattooing is serious business. If you are working, place the tattoo in a part of the body which you can cover under clothes when needed in office.

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