Tattoo Design Ideas

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Tattooing has become so popular that we see almost everybody with a tattoo. Here are some really useful tattoo ideas.

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Tattooing is such a primitive culture that we find the mention of tattoos even in Maya and Aztec civilizations. With Egyptians too, there are mentions of tattoos and body piercing. It is interesting to notice that Egyptians respected the art of making body art as a privilege of the upper classes, and only the royal family was allowed to get their bodies adorned with face sculpting and body art.

In those days, tattoo was a sort of identity or belonging to the clan. Each tribe would have their distinct patterns and by those patterns, one would recognize the other as a member of any particular clan. Those were the days without passports and id cards. Now we know each other with legal identity systems. Then why is it that tattooing is still so popular? At present, tattoo is not a ritual of any less civilized pagan nation. It has become a part of most of our lives. If we do not have them yet, we want to have them soon enough. Even after having progressed so much, the presence and popularity of tattoo proves all the more that we are rooted to our culture in some way or the other.

Getting a tattoo is no more as painful as people used to think a decade or so ago. It is as simple as getting an injection, and with all the pain killers and stuff, it is no big trouble to get a tattoo printed on the skin. The worry, however, begins a bit earlier, with deciding on the tattoo designs. You want to get a tattoo, but more often than not, you do not have a clue about what design you want to choose. You might have seen people, mainly famous people, flaunting Sanskrit shlokas, or skulls, or butterflies, or even names of somebody they love. These are also some great tattoo ideas. Let me just give a brief on the ideas I just mentioned before going in to the other ideas as well.

Sanskrit, being one of the oldest languages of the world, has found a strong foothold in the genre of body art. Getting some meaningful couplet from Bhagwad Geeta needled on the body is something we have seen in quite a few stars’ body. These shlokas or couplets should be something you understand and want to follow for the rest of your life. Also, while getting such a foreign language printed, you need to make sure that the alphabets are all correct. You cannot go and erase the writing once the process is done and over with.

Skull Tattoo

Then there is the matter of the skulls. Men usually prefer skulls or such gothic tattoo designs. And there are women too who like to sport the masculine side of their character and gladly feature a skull or motorbike tattoo. With those who love to flaunt their rough side, ideas like these, and also fire flames, fallen angels are a good idea.

Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly is a design that is repeated over and over again and yet nobody gets tired of it. There is something very special about the butterfly. It may be the delicate colorful wings, or may be the romantic idea of metamorphosing from the ugly caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly – this one pattern has always appealed to the human eyes. Girls, especially young girls, prefer to get this design needled on their wrists, nape, shoulder, collar, waist, ankles or such sensitive places.

The final idea that I am going to talk about before going in to the various ways in which you can find tattoo design is the name of a person. It can be your lover or your spouse, it can be your child or parents’ – getting a person’s name tattooed is one idea that is equally fashionable and risky. David Beckam played it safe by tattooing his children’s name and not his wife’s. Angelina Jolie had to go through the painful procedure of getting the name of her former husband removed after she got a divorce. When you are trying this idea for needling, keep in mind that you do not do it in a hurry. After all, it is your body and you will have to go through whatever pain of getting the design done.

So, here are some nice tattoo design ideas you could find going for yourself.

Tribal tattoo – Tattoo is basically a tribal culture, and tribes all over the world connect with this one ritual. We get mentions of serious body art and body piercing in almost all tribes all over the world. In some tribes, men believed that getting their bodies needled was the way to show that they were masculine enough to be a part of the tribe and attract female attention. There are designs which are considered sacred and getting them done on your body will mean for some tribes as getting you good luck.

Zodiac tattoo designs – We all have a zodiac sign, and whether we accept it or not, astrologers all over the world agree that our zodiac or sun sign means a lot to express who we are and how we are. Getting the design of your own zodiac sign tattooed on a part of your body is a long term good idea. If you believe in astrology, you will want to get it anyway. Even if you do not, there are more than one symbol to represent the sun signs, so you could always experiment and get creative with the designs. It is fine to make a creative design taking the inspiration from a particular or more than one zodiac signs.

Dragon tattoo ideas – These are the days when Japanese ‘manga’ is what everybody is talking about. If you are a fan of Japanese culture and the force of psyche associated with it, you could get a Japanese tattoo done on your body as well.

More tattoo ideas

Hip tattoo for girls

When you think that you want to get a tattoo, remember that you will have to live with it. A tattoo is like a long term commitment that needs to be done with care and attention. Hope you have a great tattooing experience.

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