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Different tattoos hold meaning for different thoughts and represent different imaginations. People in love often want to immortalize their passion for each other in a unique way that includes doing a tattoo and portraying their love through it. But when a relationship comes to an end the very tattoo becomes haunting and needs to be erased. So before making up one’s mind for tattooing the names or designs for the love of their life it is wise to think a bit to make something like that that can be easily modified in future if needed. This may not sound romantic but intelligent enough not to cause regret and pain.

There are plenty of ways to pay homage to one’s love. It depends entirely what love means to that person and how he/she wants to express his/her love and whether he/she wants to express it at all because love needs not any expression or explanation. People want to exhibit the incompleteness of their life without each other through various ways. A person may ink a tattoo in the name of the special person of his/her life to show her/him the intensity of emotion to her/him. Or in some cases two lovers depict the half part of a whole design of a tattoo to mean that both of their presence complete their existence in life. Likewise lots of artistic patterns and themes can be interpolated to manifest one’s commitment towards the other.

Couple tattoo design ideas

Among the popular love tattoos one may be very striking and that is ‘heart and key’ tattoo.These types of tattoos are made in chest portions of one of the partners with a shape of a heart that is supposed to be the lock having a hole for the key which is tattooed on the chest on the other partner’s body.The symbolic love can be altered or covered up if situation demands in future.A slight variation in this type is ‘lock and key’ tattoo design. In ‘lock and key’ design also different styles can be added to bring out individuality. Again half hearts are presented to signify that when the lovers are parted their hearts are broken into parts like pictured in the tattoos and get the completeness when they are together.

Tattoo desing ideas for married couple

Married couples can engrave the anniversary dates on the tattoos as a token of their love. People can inscribe names of their beloved ones to treasure the memory and to cherish all the cares and fondness they share. But an unsuccessful affair puts an end to all these and people want to wipe out all the signs of past relationships to forget it all and so it becomes unbearable to stand the sights of those tattoos that carry the names of their ex-partners. For example the divorced couple Angelina Julie and Billy Bob who had to go through laser therapy to erase each other’s names tattooed on the arms of both of them after their divorce. So married ones can opt for the pictures of their wedding rings to be carved in the tattoos. Some people like to wear tattoos filled with love quotes or love poems. Both the partners can ink the tattoos on the same part of the body to show their likeness in thought. A favorite line from a personal song can also be the means to represent love through tattoos. Different images can be well chosen and drawn from famous romantic books to portray that the world of lovers is meaningless without each other’s presence.

As the tattoos bear the symbol of the love that means a lot to the person he must take the right decision and choose the right idea before getting inked. All those stuffs that symbolize love can be decorated in the tattoos on both the lovers’ body to worship their love. A red rose or a red heart depicted at the same place on the partners body can be as meaningful as one can ever imagine. Great sayings or words that stand for love or adoration can be written in different languages to provoke a different feeling. Image of Cupid is a cute one to spread the message of romance. Yin yang theme is also a great design to put into the tattoo-idea to show the interdependence and co-existence of male and female beings. Pieces of unmatched puzzle that can be matched when lovers are together again symbolize the devotion they feel. Ball and chain portrayed as the theme of couple tattoos can be thought as lovers as complementary to each other.

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