Tatty Devine Necklaces

Independent Cult Jewellery Brand

Tatty Devine, an independent cult jewellery brand, was set up in 1999 by British designers Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden, who met at Chelsea School of Art while studying a Fine Art degree. They started out by selling leather wrist cuffs in London at Spitalfields and Portobello markets made from a bag of leather samples they came across in the street, and soon grew the company from there, with shops such as Harvey Nichols and recently Selfridges starting to stock their products.

Nowadays they specialise in hand made, laser-cut acrylic jewellery in a range of unusual, witty and sometimes wacky designs, but also use wood, leather, and enamel for some pieces. The necklaces are easily identified by the iconic plectrum fastening, a characteristic which appears on the chains of all Tatty Devine necklaces. Two main collections are launched every year to co-inside with London Fashion Week.

Tatty Devine are especially well known for their acrylic name necklaces, which started off as Christmas gifts for family and friends, and are now a core part of their catalogue. Celebrities such as Jessie J, a London based pop singer, have had Tatty Devine name necklaces made for them.

Where to find Tatty Devine

Tatty Devine now exist online as well as having two shops in London, one in Brick Lane which opened in 2001, and one in Covent Garden, which opened in 2009, as well as being stocked with over 100 stockists worldwide. There are often events and workshops taking place at then London stores, from vintage hair styling classes to jewellery making. The vast majority of all pieces are made in the Tatty Devine studios, one of which is situated in Kent, the other in London.

Tatty Devine often do collaborations with other designers and creative such as artists and musicians, such as collections inspired by fashion company Eley Kishimoto, graphic artist Rob Ryan, and music band Belle and Sebastian. They currently have a pop-up shop in Selfridges (until the beginning of March 2012), which aims to replicate the Tatty Devine studio, and makes name necklaces to order on the spot. They have also just launched a brand new range called Fine, a luxurious collection of some of their key pieces made with silver, which is sold through Selfridges exclusively.

As with many successful brands, there are a number of Tatty Devine imitators, acrylic jewellery is very popular on ebay.

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