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Teach Kids to Ride Motor Scooters Safely

To teach kids to ride motor scooters safely starts with knowing your kids ability and level of maturity. You can enroll your child in a safety course and you can instruct the child yourself but it all comes back to your kids ability and level of maturity. One way to determine if your child is ready for a scooter might be how well the child has done with a bicycle. If there haven’t been any major safety incidents with a bicycle then maybe the child is ready for a scooter. But there is an increased safety risk that’s all the more reason to teach kids to ride motor scooters safely.

Riding Different Size Scooters Safely

Scooters come in different styles, speeds, and sizes, including kids size scooters. It’s important to find the right size scooter for your child. It could be easy to forget they’re not toys because some of them are barely 2 feet tall. Sometimes these child-sized scooters are referred to as Pocket scooters after the popular line of scooters for kids. Though small, a powered scooter can be dangerous if it’s treated like a toy. Riders also need to know and follow safety guidelines to prevent injuries. Unfortunately, accidents can’t always be avoided and even the best riders suffer injuries.

Parental Involvement

When it comes to motor scooter safety for kids, nothing beats parental involvement. Being there to see your child ride their scooter could encourage safer riding than an unsupervised ride might produce. It also gives you the opportunity to encourage good riding habits. If you had a scooter, riding with young ones could be fun as well as helping to foster a good relationship.

Proper Equipment and Clothing

Kids should wear proper equipment and clothing to safely ride a scooter. Properly sized helmets protect riders heads from blunt force trauma should they have a fall. They also need elbow and knee pads to protect those joints. Gloves will also protect your hands while you’re riding a scooter. Summer clothing like shorts and a tee shirt may be more comfortable during warm weather but long pants and long sleeved shirts protect better against the scratches and scrapes or road rash from a fall.

Scooter Safety Class

Sending your child to a scooter safety class could be the difference between enjoying riding a scooter for years or having a serious accident. This is an opportunity to learn safety do’s and don’ts from trained, experienced riders. You can learn from the mistakes of the scooter enthusiast that teach these classes.

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A Safe Place to Ride

Riding in a field or unused parking lot is a great place to teach a kid to ride a scooter safely. Teaching a child to ride motor scooters in a parking lot or on grass or dirt is a good place for a children to get used to riding a scooter and to learn how to ride it safely. These are good places to learn how to use the brakes and clutch on a scooter without having to worry about traffic, which brings us to the topic of street legal scooters. The videos in this article tell us how states are passing scooter safety laws to protect people that ride street legal scooters on public roadways.

The link below is to a site with links to help you find scooter laws in your state. It’s a listing of Department of Motorized Vehicles (DMV) in every state. I had to look under Driver Manuals to find scooter laws in my state.

Street Legal Scooters

I mentioned how scooters come in different sizes earlier in this article. They also come in different classes. A scooter can be rated street legal depending on the laws of your particular location. Street legal scooters are obviously for older kids that are capable of riding in street traffic. Safe riding in this environment requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of traffic laws. For kids that ride scooters on city streets, it’s very important to have not only the ability to ride, they also need a high level of maturity to ride safely.

Motor Scooter Laws by State

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