Teachers needed: How to find a teaching job

With the economy struggling, jobs seem to be more difficult to find. Even areas that seemed indestructible are being hit, including the education sector. School districts have been letting teachers go by the hundres due to lack of state funding. They compensate for this by increasing class sizes to around 35-40 students per classroom. This phenomena has caused there to be more and more teachers out looking for jobs which makes it harder to find one if you’re looking for one, especially if you are just coming out of school.

If you find yourself falling into this position there are are some things you can do to help get you over the unemployment slump.

There are a lot of school districts that can’t get anyone to take a teaching job because of the situation. A lot of inner city schools need teachers desperately. Yes, the students are going to be a little more difficult; however, there are some great perks to working for a poor school district with underprivileged kids. The government works with a lot of these schools and there is a loan forgiveness program for teachers who will stick it out for 3-5 years. This means that if you have student loans, the government will not make you pay them back if you’re willing to work there. One great place to look is Memphis!

Also if you’re willing to go to places that have remote areas, like Wyoming and Alaska, they start of paying in the $40,000 range and offer excellent health benefits. Also some of the places are only half an hour away from bigger places.

Another way to find a job is to look for one after the school year has begun. After about October, districts look at how many students they really have and sometimes they have to hire more teachers. Look on the websites of bigger school districts like New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, etc. These have a lot of people move in and so what they thought they would get for students and what they really get are often off.

Some ways to find these jobs is to go to the state page that lists all the schools districts in the state and then go to the districts that you wouldn’t mind teaching in and looking up job opportunities. Another great way to find them is through a website called teachers-teachers.com. This website is completely free and gives you access to any school that posts available positions.