Teaching English Abroad

As part of a global community, travelling and working in foreign countries has become common place. An idea inconceivable 60 years ago is something we think of as normal. One sector that is growing is teaching English abroad. There are thousands of companies and websites where a person can apply to live and teach in another country. It gives experience, looks good on a job application, and the programs are easy to get into. There are programs for people who want to volunteer and for those who would like to get paid. There are also many opportunites to teach something like music, art, math, etc., rather than just English. Below are a few online companies who provide excellent opportunites to teach and travel within another country. All of them are legitimate and offer support to help you make a smooth transition and enjoy your experiences.


* No application fee–they charge schools rather than applicants.

* Apply and then have interview

* Offer many countries

* Must have a TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificate–they offer assistance

* Offer medical insurance

* They aid in getting plane tickets

* Other teachers’ experiences

* A lot of great pictures

* Different age groups

* Paid positions

* Support throughout time there

* Provide necessary documents to get working visa

* 1 and 2 semester positions available

* Some language lessons offered

Middle Kingdom Teachers

* Schools are all in the south of China

* Can teach a variety of subjects

* Offer different age groups of kids

* Offer jobs at universities (only need a bachelors)

* Paid positions

* No application fees

* Skype interview

* Support throughout time there

* Other teachers’s experiences

* Information about getting TESOl/TESL/TEFL certificate

* Help with airplane tickets

* Provide necessary documents to get working visa

* 1 and 2 semester postions available

English First

* Different countries

* Different age groups

* Provide insurance

* Provides teacher training

* Other teachers’s experiences

* Must teach for 12 months

* Must have bachelor degree and TEFL(offer help in obtaining certificate)

* Offers language lessons

* No application fee

China Horizons


* Assistance in getting plane tickets

* Useful packing suggestions

* Great support after arriving in China

* Different age groups

* Assists in housing

* Purchase bus/train ticket and help in reserving hotels if you travel

* Volunteer program–$975

* Paid program–must have bachelors

* Other teachers’ experiences

* Application fee

International Language Program

* Volunteer

* $2520 fee, includes all costs except for extra spending money

* Language classes

* Fees tax deductible

* Must have insurance to start (does not provide)

* Predeparture training workshops

* Other teachers’s experiences

Another great website to check out if you are looking for more options is www.eslempoyment.com. It isn’t ran by a specific company. It is a place where anyone can post ESL jobs. Some jobs are posted by schools and some by recruiters. Here you can fiill out an application and write a resume and then if you’re interested in a school, you simply have to click a button and they get all this information. It’s a quick way to get access to a lot of companies.