News Teaching English in Children: Arming Your Child for the...

Teaching English in Children: Arming Your Child for the Future


Teaching English in Children: Arming Your Child for the Future

English is considered to be the most dominating language in the entire world. It is also known as the universal language because almost every person regardless of race can, at some point, understand or speak English. It serves as a communicational bridge that link different countries of the world,

Aside from being a universal language, it is also considered as a second language of many countries. Second language means that English is the language that they mainly use aside from their native language. This just goes to show that English, more than just a language also eliminates the barriers between nations and can promote peace.

The Power Language and The Need for Learning

English is a universal means of communication, to understand and to be understood. This is the reason why it must be given appropriate attention and each one must be given the chance to learn such. The knowledge of such language is indispensable and can be of great use throughout one’s lifetime. Thus, the need for learning the language is realized.

Learning is a continuous process and its starts at an early age. Even before you enter your school, you already are learning primarily through your parents at first. Eventually, learning became a formal process for you as you enter school and be taught by teachers.

It is said that learning is best done as early as possible to facilitate consistency. The earlier you teach something, the longer the chance for the enhancement and continuous learning of such skill. Thus, it is said that with the English language being very essential, and with the process of learning being beneficial at an early age, teaching English in children should be promoted.

Although at first you might think that this can be difficult because of the limited attention span and interest of the children, there can be a lot of ways to make it easy for you. You can even let them learn the language without them realizing that they are already being taught such.

Teaching English in Children: Arming Your Child for the Future

Frequent Use of the Language

One of the best things you can do, especially for parents is to try to use English frequently at home. Use it as your conversational language. By this, you will be able to facilitate the quick learning of children without them realizing that you are already actually teaching them the language. Children learn very well by example and with this in mind, you can be able to understand that by using it on your own, children can also learn how to use it on their own as well.

Make it Enjoyable

Also, you should also consider making learning fun because of the limited attention span of your children. You can make learning really fun and creative by using different tools like visual aids or even toys as your teaching strategy. You can also use role plays which can be very exciting for the children. Learning should not be made harsh for them. If you really try to make it fun, you’ll see that they will even look for more activities and be really engaged in learning.

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Teaching English in Children: Arming Your Child for the Future
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