Teacup Pets are Newest Trend in Pet Ownership

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From Europe to the United States, pet owners are buying into the new ‘teacup pet’ craze. This fad is often traced back to specialty pig breeders in Great Britain and other countries that carefully cross bred domestic breeds of pigs with exotic species from Africa in an attempt to draw out the best elements of both breeds. One of the offshoots of their efforts is a newfound public awareness of, and desire for, teacup pigs, dogs and cats.

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Owners appreciate these tiny pint-sized animals for their extremely cute looks, adorably shrunken features and abiding temperaments, especially owners who have limited room at home. People and families that live in small apartments or tenament housing have turned to teacup pets as a way of bringing some extra life and love into their small living spaces.

Unfortunately, owning a miniature pet is not all fun and games. In fact, it can be a regular headache for unprepared owners. The fact of the matter is that some unscruplous animal breeders will intentionally underfeed their animals and cross breed runts repeatedly in order to obtain abnormally small versions of these pets. This can lead to extreme health problems and even lowered life expectancy in some extreme cases.

If you’re considering adding a eacup pet to your family, be certain that you work with certified, legitimate animal breeders. Your breeder should be knowledgable and able to answer all your questions about proper care, feeding and grooming techniques to ensure your new pint-sized family member has the best possible quality of life.

You’ll also need to have a competent vet nearby that can do an initial check-up of your teacup animal to screen for any major health problems and determine proper treatment regimens should any major issues be identified. With a little proactive work, you can ensure your teacup pig, mini dog or cat will have a happy and healthy life with your family.

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Teacup Pets are Newest Trend in Pet Ownership, Seekyt
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