Teak flooring coated with treffert aluminium oxide at top layer for scratch resistance

Flooring is provided with different types of wooden materials in order to cover floors temporarily or permanently. The term is specially used for the work of floor covering in a beautiful and attractive way. It is applied effectively on the floors in order to give a natural looking, elegant and glossy walking surface to the customers. Apart from this, they can be structural or aesthetic with various properties such as restorability, durability and environment friendly in nature. Wooden flooring is categorized in two types known as solid wooden flooring, which consisting hardwood flooring, solid wood flooring and second one is engineered wooden flooring. For structural purposes, most of the professionals use solid floorings made from planks that are milled from single piece of timber wood. The engineered flooring is produced from one or more layers of wood in which the upper layer is visible to the user.

Furthermore, wooden floorings are made with a number of wooden materials such as teak, oak etc. Teak flooring is one of the best wooden floorings available to decorate your homes with higher resistance to decay, bacteria, dampness and termite attack. In addition, the teak wood comes in the family of Verbenaceae and is highly known for its capability to withstand changing weather conditions. While it faces the winds, it does not break but blend, which is one of the major reasons to use teak wood as floorings for your home interiors. Additionally, the resin of teak wood floorings contains oil in their heartwood, which provides water resistance characteristics to them.

Apart from this, they are also useful to manufacture other products like decking, ship building, wall panel, door, furniture, cabinet etc. Besides, original teak wood comes from various south East Asia countries in various colors shades including light brown to dark, golden to dark brown, dark red etc. Now-a-days, teak wood made floorings come in a number of regions in the market such as Chinese Teak(Robinia), African teak(Iroko),Brazilian Teak(Cumaru) etc. Therefore, purchase one of them at lowest prices to add an elegance and beauty in your home décor. The floorings are available with Tongue & Groove Joint with easy installation and extreme softness.

These are available in various boards with slightly 45°Micro-beveled Edge, which are connected to each other with the help of special glue. Furthermore, these are elegant and unique in nature and also can be used in offices and commercials such as hotels, restaurants etc. MC of 12% is used by the professionals to dry the wood properly in order to make moisture proof floorings. The coating used in these products includes 8 layers primer finishes and 4 layers top finishes. Materials named as germany treffert aluminium oxide is used for coating the top layer for their scratch resistance.