Team Building – Success Through Game

The strongest motivation to make a man rise from bed and go to work that carries psychological or physical straining and stress, is a good pay. But, it is not known for how long the human organism is capable of withstanding everyday stress situations and what’s the number of the account that is enough to be a cure for the machine called the human body. But, there is another form of motivation.


Amortization in equipment

It’s well known that machines often brake, so they need a remont from time to time that has a special budget in firms that is called ‘amortization in equipment’. It is known that the human resource is one of the most important factors in the success of a company. And like investing in improving equipment is a needed step to survive in every business, equally investing in employees has an even greater significance. One of the best ways to invest in them or to reward them for their contribution to the business they are working for and its reputation, is team building. Pay, no matter how big, is not the only factor that can satisfy a man, more precisely make him work at the best quality or to on one’s own accord take more involvement in the progression of the company they are working for, especially if they work in a hostile environment, if they have bad communication with colleagues or superiors, and if they spend their time at work with a ‘clenched stomach’.

Those are all reasons because of which employees feel bad, visit doctors more often and use sick days because they are strained with the situation at work even more than working itself. To make this environment that people spend most of their day in more comfortable, to make employees come to work full with positive energy, management in a company should invest in creating an atmosphere that will enable such approach to working and relations between workers.

Trust games

Team building has been used in the world for a very long time. There are agencies which have a main business area of helping clients raise motivation in their companies, improve mutual communication, get better organization and coordination and improve loyalty of their employees. Team work can be taught as a basic assignment of agencies that provide services of Team building, which means that in one sector, and in the end the whole company, good teams are made in which colleagues share ideas, suggestions, experiences, teams where mutual trust is developed, not competition. That is often done using games. A good example of creating mutual trust in practice is walking on a rope that is stretched between two trees at about one meter high. One team member walks on the rope, while another one walks on the ground, making sure the one who is walking on the rope is safe, as they would catch them. You can see how much they trust each other in that example. That is only one way of developing mutual trust among employees.

There are other types of games where leaders or people who quickly solve problems are recognized, or even those that can reach goals in the easiest way. Mostly, all games that are based on team building have a goal of making more quality communication among employees, successfully adapting new employees, developing a team spirit in the working environment, strengthening confidence and self initiative, releasing stress through physical activity, socializing and fun.

Corporative hangouts

Team building can serve as a good way of making tighter bonds with business partners by organizing various competitions on company – business partner levels, or some sort of small league in the area of the base of business partners that usually only speak on the phone or see each other only on meeting that can be long and very exhausting.

One good way for that sort of team building is Paintball. That game has become an absolute corporation hit. Many companies have recognized extremely beneficial effects for the development of team spirit in the basic principles of this game, and the development of team spirit is something you can’t do without in modern business. Two teams fight against each other, and the game is consisted of sport and fun, an adrenaline rush and intense stress release. The way of the game depends on the arrangement of the teams, but it can be played in groups of three or more members. It is played on paintball courses, in day and night scenarios, on an open or closed space. The goal of the game is synching business teams outside of work, in unexpected situations. In that way you can develop complete associates, that are capable of communicating in the blink of an eye, with motion or a glance, without many words. Team building using paintball boost morale, reduces accumulated stress, improves communication between employees, improves team spirit and confidence, develops risk taking and responsibility, planning, making decisions, which naturally reflects work.

This is just one example or just one game that can serve as something a company can use to reward their employees and also invest in improving and developing one of the most important resources in business – the people who work for them.

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