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Tech Support Tips to Fix “Server Execution Failed” Error While Opening Network and Sharing Center

The “Server Execution Failed” error is a common Windows error that appears due to issues in the Windows Media Player. The error also showcases the warning messages while a user is unable to open the Network and Sharing Center. In this article, you will read about the same and some laptop repair tips that can help you in fixing the error code.

Windows errors can turn annoying when you’re unable to resume your PC operations. Since uncertain computer problems, system errors and performance issues can turn out to be highly dangerous for computer parts, it is better to repair them as soon as possible.

Windows OS is prone to numerous system vulnerabilities and computing threats that can ruin your pleasing working environment. Computer threats, online scams, stubborn infections, and uncertain PC problems may stop your computing operations and force you to sit idle for long. Leading tech support companies offer online laptop repair services to fix such annoying PC troubles and issues on a priority basis and help in resuming computing operations.

What Computer Problems You Will Face When the “Server Execution Failed” Error Occurs?

Your Windows 7 Home PC will try to connect to a router for establishing a strong web connection, helping to gain Internet access. You may confront the error, even if the router works fine with other PCs. The error will occur and present its standard error message stating that the connection is taking too long to respond. You will then try to open the Network and Sharing Center to fix the error. But, unfortunately, the error code will not allow you to access the tool. All in all, your computer wants you to either take help of a tech support technician or sit idle until your tech-geek friend doesn’t come to fix your PC.

Tips to Fix the Error Occurring While Opening Network and Sharing Center

The occurrence of the error may present a blank white screen or force the computer to stop responding while you try to open the Network and Sharing Center. It is important to remember that all the troubleshooting tips enlisted below are performed while using an ‘Administrator’ account or an account having Administrator rights. You can follow the tips mentioned in the procedure below to resolve the issue.

1. Click Start and locate the Search field

2. Type “Computer Management” in the Search field and press Enter

3. If the system prompts a message box asking for an administrator password, then provide the same or enter User Account Control password to proceed

4. Click ‘Continue’ button

5. Now, you will see the Computer Management (Local) window, go the System Tools section on the left side

6. Locate the ‘Local Users and Groups’ option and double-click it

7. Select the ‘Groups’ folder, under Local Users and Groups to continue

8. You will now require double-clicking the ‘Administrators’ option, located in the center section of the screen

9. It will open up the ‘Administrators Properties’ window, click the ‘Add’ button to proceed

10. Now, the ‘Select Users’ window will appear

11. Click the ‘Advanced’ button and look out for the ‘Common Queries’ section

12. Click the ‘Find Now’ button and locate the Search results section

13. In the Search results section, locate and double-click the ‘LOCAL SERVICE’ entry

14. It will open the ‘Select Users’ window, click the ‘OK’ button to continue

15. Now, go to the ‘Administrators Properties’ window and click to select ‘NT AuthorityLocal Service (S-1-5-19)’ option

16. Click the ‘OK’ button to make the changes

17. Finally, click the ‘X’ button on the ‘Computer Management’ window to close it.

18. Now, restart the computer to bring the changes into effect and check if the issue gets resolved.
If applying the above troubleshooting tips does not resolve the issue, then follow these steps to fix the “Server Execution Failed” error:

1. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > and right-click Command Prompt

2. Click to select ‘Run as administrator’ option

3. Type the administrator password or a User Account Control password, if prompted

4. Type “net localgroup administrators localService /add” command at the Command Prompt and then press Enter

5. Now, type “exit” command at the Command Prompt and press Enter to close the window

6. Restart the computer to bring the changes into effect and verify that the error gets resolved.


Undoubtedly, the error code may interrupt your regular computing operations and might force you to stay disconnected from the Internet access for long. If applying the tips mentioned above couldn’t help in resolving the issue, then you can contact the tech support engineers or laptop repair professionals to fix the same. The error can cause major damages to your PC parts, so get it resolved on the priority basis.

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