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Tech Support Tips: Troubleshoot WinZip Error “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation”

In Windows, OS X, iOS and Android environment, WinZip is the most popular compression utility. While working on computers and dealing with huge amount of data and files, a file compression utility is extremely necessary to create Zip Files, also known as “Archives.” If you are new to WinZip Archives, then this article will let you learn more about it in detail. Also, many users have difficulty in using WinZip because they face the Error 740: The requested operation requires elevation. This article will also provide you the tech support tips on how to resolve the error.

What are WinZip Archives and Why You Need to Use Them?

WinZip is a file compression utility. It compresses too many files and then zips it up into a single folder. This zipped folder, also called “Archives” contains many other files but in a compressed format. To get the compressed files in its original format, you simply need to extract the files by double clicking on the main “Archives” folder.

The main advantages of WinZip are as follows:

Keep Files Distribution Easy: You need to do a lot of files distribution over the Internet. Sending files through emails consume too much of Internet data as you attach the files separately. Similarly, the receiver also has to make separate downloads that again consume Internet data. Moreover, uploading and downloading too many files individually, also kills your time unnecessarily. WinZip helps here as it lets you create one single zipped folder for a collection of files. That means you need to attach one single zipped folder with the email, and your recipient has to make a single download. Then, he can extract the files from the zipped folder. Emailing a collection of files in a zipped format saves you time and Internet data, as the files size get compressed.

Save Disk Space: When you work on a computer, you know that you have limited disk space. Thus, a computer user always has it in his mind that he needs to save the disk space. One of the best techniques of freeing up the disk space is to compress the large data files that are important but seldom used. Here, WinZip files compression utility helps. It lets you compress a collection of large files into one single Zip folder. This Zip folder consumes less disk space and at the same time keeps the files and data as it is. Whenever, you want to use the files, you can unzip the folder and extract your files:

Keep Data Organized: When within a single email you attach too many files, your recipient might find it difficult to understand the synchronization among the files. Thus, you can zip up the like files into one Archive and likewise, create separate archives for separate collection of like files. Thus, WinZip also helps you in distributing the files over email in a more organized way.

Error 740: The Requested Operation Requires Elevation

While using this extremely useful tool, you might confront the Error 740: Error 740: ‘The requested operation requires elevation.’ If you get this error message, then you should understand the indication that your Windows have configured WinZip to run as administrator, however, you are trying to use it from a normal user account. If you have logged in to a normal user account but have configured WinZip accessibility through administrator account only, then you will get the error “The requested operation requires elevation.” The error implies that you have to elevate your user account type in order to run the requested program.

Tech Support Tips to Troubleshoot the Error 740

If you are facing permissions issues in using WinZip, then you can try out the following Computer support tips:

• Right-click a file to use the WinZip context menu.

• If your Windows have set WinZip to Run as administrator, then error 740 will occur

• Now, go to the WinZip desktop shortcut

• Right click on it and then click on ‘Properties.’

• Click on the Compatibility tab

• In the Compatibility tab, you see a ‘Settings’ section with the option ‘Run this program as an administrator.’

• If you see a ticked checkbox against ‘Run this program as an administrator’ option, that means Windows will always need the administrator permissions to run WinZip.

• If you want to continue with this setting, then sign-out from the user account and login as the administrator.

• If you want to use WinZip from user account, then uncheck the check box for ‘Run this program as an administrator.’


After understanding the crux of the error 740 of WinZip, and learning the computer repair tips for resolving the error, you will be easily able to use the WinZip application. With no error interference, you can easily zip up the collections of large-sized files and compress its size to save disk space or to email the files with minimum Internet data consumption.

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