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Tech Support Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Error 0x80070005 “ACCESS DENIED”

Windows error codes are highly disturbing as it stops your ongoing computer processes. On top of that, the cryptic error codes simply splash a random series of numbers and alphabets, and gives no clue to what to do next. Error code “0x80070005,” bearing the tail message “ACCESS DENIED,” is a very disturbing error. With the intention of helping you, this article illustrates the computer support troubleshooting technique to fix the error.

The error usually pops up when you attempt to access certain applications or try modifying certain settings. In the mid of an operation, if you receive the “ACCESS DENIED” message, then that is a big spoiler. However, getting rid of this error is not a big challenge. If you are little adept at Windows troubleshooting, then you will be able to implement the following troubleshooting method for getting rid of the error “0x80070005.”

However, if you have never done troubleshooting before, then also you would be able to understand the troubleshooting technique if you have the basic understanding of computer intricacies. If you totally fail to understand the troubleshooting method for this error, then you have the trial and tested option of availing online computer repair services. You can contact a professional and reputed PC repair firm to avail online computer support services for fixing errors, installation issues, and other PC problems.

However, presuming that you are efficient in self-troubleshooting, this article describes the tech support troubleshooting tip for this error. Even if you go for professional online service, the tech support guy is likely to perform the same troubleshooting method.

Understanding the Error

Before you implement the troubleshooting method, you must gain some basic understanding of the error. If you don’t have the proper registry permissions, then this error might occur while you attempt to install Windows OS and software updates. To run the updates, you need special registry keys and certain files. If your system lack those files or keys, then this error is likely to occur.

The second vital question is why you may lack the requisite files or keys. There can be various reasons for that. However, the most obvious reason behind is you are using the inappropriate Windows user account. Usually, to run updates, you need admin rights. Thus, you should be using the Administrator account while installing Windows OS or latest software updates.

But if you are using the Administrator account, still getting the error, then it can be because of some malware or viruses that are altering the registry permissions.

Thus, to fix the error, you need to repair the registry permissions. The following computer support troubleshooting tips will help you in repairing the registry permissions:
Tech Support Troubleshooting Tip 1: Run as Administrator
First you must verify whether or not you are using the appropriate user account. If you are not using the Administrator account, then immediately log in using the admin details so that you can have the right registry permissions.

Tech Support Troubleshooting Tip 2: Repair Registry Errors

Even after using the Administrator account, you still might face the issue as the registry permissions have already got spoiled. Thus, you need to repair those permissions. For that, run a specialized tool to fix the registry errors. Conduct online research to find out a good registry error fixing tool. Downloading and installing the tool performs the following automated functions:

• Repairs the configuration settings for Windows Update component
• Re-registers all the requisite services
• Resolves all invalid data locations linked to Windows Updates
• Resolves other configuration setting issues related to Windows update services.

Tech Support Troubleshooting Tip 3: Run an Anti-Malware

As stated above, a virus or malware can be causing the error. Thus, update your antivirus software, if your system doesn’t have one, then get it installed. Then, run a complete system scan to remove any virus or malware existing in your system.


Thus, you can easily fix the error by using a registry error fixing tool, an antivirus program and by logging into the Administrator account. Once, you have tried out all these troubleshooting techniques, try running the updates once again. But if you face difficulty in finding a registry error fixer or a good antivirus program, then better ask for a professional computer support engineer help.

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