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Technical Support Can Help You in Fixing the Common Windows Error 0x80070002


In a Windows PC, you might get the error 0x80070002 while using software such as Microsoft Office irrespective of versions. Fixing this error is difficult. Thus, you can seek help in the form of online tech support services. But before you take up such services, read this article to understand this error, its cause, and the troubleshooting technique briefly.

Usually, the error occurs while you attempt to move your documents from one library to another. You might get this error, even while trying to setup or install various software programs.
Assume that you are using a software program that has a library of 1700 documents. If you attempt to move the content to another library, a few documents might fail to get transferred. In such a scenario, you will get the error message mentioned below:

‘The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)’


The main cause of this Windows error is the transfer failure of certain files. That usually happens when the files have got corrupted. You can check the presence of corrupted files by applying a simple trick.

Download a failed file from its source library and then, try uploading that file manually to the target library. If this time also the file doesn’t get uploaded then it clearly means that the file itself is corrupted. Had the failure occurred because of some other cause, then at least the manual uploading would have successfully uploaded the file to its target library.


To fix this error, you can get online computer support. The technical support engineer will employ a systematic troubleshooting method.

1. Collect the Debug Logs

First, he will require the debug logs for this error. You can either allow him to collect the debug logs or can collect those of your own by performing the following steps:

1. Go to ‘Help’ ribbon of the software.
2. Now, turn on ‘Debug Mode.’
3. Next, click on ‘Log Manager.’
4. Next, click on ‘Clean Environment.’
5. Then, close the ‘Log Manager.’
6. Next, try transferring the files once again.
7. Try transferring fewer numbers of files.
8. Then, return to the ‘Help’ ribbon.
9. Now, turn off ‘Debug Mode.’
10. Next, press the ‘Log Manager’ button.
11. Now, select ‘Save Logs.’
12. Then, press the ‘Save Logs’ button.
13. Next, move to the location where you had saved your files.
Here, you can get the debug logs. Once you or the online tech support engineer have collected the debug logs, troubleshooting the error won’t take much time.

2. Cause-Specific Troubleshooting

Next, the computer support engineer will try to analyze the cause of the error by viewing the debug logs for the error 0x80070002. Accordingly, he will employ the troubleshooting method.

3. Remove the Faulty Adware

Sometimes, the error might occur because of a specific type of adware on your computer. Thus, the technical support engineer will perform a scan to determine whether or not your PC has that adware in it.

To check that, the support engineer will perform the following steps:

• Launch the Windows Task Manager
• Check the ‘Processes’ tab for a process named wtoolsa.exe

The presence of wtoolsa.exe validates that your PC has got the culprit adware installed on it. To resolve the error, it is imperative to wipe out this adware.
For that, the computer support engineer will use some good adware removal tool. If your computer doesn’t have a pre-installed adware removal tool, then the support engineer will require installing one to wipe out the faulty adware.


Confronting the error “The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)’ is possible while you use Windows software such as Microsoft Office.

To fix the error, the online tech support engineer will require the debug logs for the error. Then, he will analyze the cause and then employs the right troubleshooting method. He might require installing an adware removal tool to wipe out a certain type of adware that causes this error.

Technical Support Can Help You in Fixing the Common Windows Error 0x80070002
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