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Technical Support for the Common Windows Error 'The Requested Operation Requires Elevation'

This article offers computer support tips to fix the Windows command error ‘The requested operation requires elevation.’ Windows users, who use the command prompt, often confront this error. If you search online for solutions, then the most prevalent recommendation will suggest you to turn off the User Account Control or UAC on your computer. But, even after turning off the UAC, you might get the error while executing certain actions.

Problem: UAC Disabled, Still the Permission Error?

Tech Support Solution: Run As Administrator

Many users have complained that despite turning off the UAC, they get ‘The requested operation requires elevation’ error with two of Ipconfig’s switches /release and /renew.
There can be various technical reasons for this illogical happening. The easiest computer support troubleshooting tip to get rid of this error is to use the elevated command prompt. To launch the elevated command prompt, you need to perform the following steps:

• Right-click the Command Prompt
• From the shortcut menu, select ‘Run as Administrator’
• Enter the Administrator password
Thus, you will get your elevated command prompt, and now you can run commands like ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew, without facing any frustrating error message.
Over the Microsoft environment, you often have the flexibility of performing a task in multiple ways. So, there are a few more technical support techniques that you can use to launch the elevated command prompt.

Tech Support Tip 1: How to ‘Run as Administrator’
To run as administrator, you need to press Ctrl + Shift and then hit Enter.

Another easy way to achieve the ‘Run as Administrator’ window is as follows:
• Press ‘Ctrl Shift Enter’ and that will launch the ‘Run as Administrator’ CMD.
• When the CMD gets launched, you will be able to see the ‘Administrator’ in the CMD title bar.
• That confirms that you are on the elevated command prompt.

Problem: Logged in as Administrator, Still Facing the Error

Solution: Activate the Superuser account

Sometimes it happens that despite using the ‘Run as Administrator,’ you might get the error prompting you to use the elevated command prompt. Now, that’s a confusing situation. Logically, if you are using the Administrator account, it means that you are already using the elevated command prompt. Thus, you must be having difficulty in grasping the idea of this extra elevated command prompt.

Here, you need to learn that Windows 7 contains a super-user account. Thus, if you get the referred error despite logging into the Administrator account, then you need to activate the super-user account. For that, you need to have the relevant login credentials.
To activate the superuser account, perform the following steps:

• Right-click the command prompt icon.
• Then, select ‘Properties.’
• Now, select the ‘Shortcut’ (tab).
• Next, click on ‘Advanced’ (button).
• Then tick the check box ‘Run as administrator.’

Will Online Tech Support Help?

By utilizing the tech support tips mentioned above you got to learn the different methods of accessing the elevated command prompt. That will help you in resolving the error “the requested operation requires elevation. However, if you are not comfortable applying these techniques, then you can go for online tech support services. Professional computer support engineers are knowledgeable and adequate at resolving Windows errors.

Thus, they can help you in getting rid of the error. However, disabling the UAC (User Account Control) is always the best feasible option to get rid of this error. Most of the times, it works. With a disabled UAC, the Windows fails to recognize whether you are using the Administrator account or normal user account. Thus, it doesn’t give you the error.

If you are getting the error despite disabling the UAC, then probably you haven’t disabled it properly, or some virus is modifying your settings. So, it will be a good idea to seek help from professional tech support engineers. They will get the things fixed for you in a better way.


‘The requested operation requires elevation’ is a permission error. The most effective computer support tip to get rid of this error is to use the elevated command prompt by using ‘Run as Administrator.’ Using the tips mentioned above, you can ‘Run as Administrator,’ and then you won’t get disturbed by the error. The next available option is to disable the UAC, that way also you can get rid of the error. However, if you still keep getting the error, then better opt for online computer support services.

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