Technical Support to Fix ‘Code 0x80070057 the Parameter is Incorrect’ Error

While using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 Windows Explorer, you might get the error ‘Code 0x80070057 The parameter is incorrect.’ The error usually pops up when you attempt to display a user’s ‘effective access’ to a file. In this article, you will have a crisp overview of this error. Also, you will learn the expert computer support tips to fix this error.

Fixing the error might not be easy for an average computer user. If you are one such user, who finds Windows error troubleshooting difficult, then you can avail online computer repair services.

Why the Error Occurs?

The error ‘Code 0x80070057 The parameter is incorrect’ can crop up in the following scenario:
Assume that you are running the Windows Explorer to illustrate a user’s “effective access” to a file or folder placed on a file share. If that folder or file resides on a 3.0 server product of non-Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB), then you might get this error.

The probability of error rises if you have inserted Universal Naming Convention (UNC) folder paths or a folder path similar to servershare. These kinds of folder path fail your request. The failed request results into error message “Code 0x80070057 The parameter is incorrect.”
When you submit your request from Windows Explorer, the recipient server returns an SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR structure. It contains a NULL Owner field that causes the error.

How to Prevent the Error?

You can prevent the error from occurring next time by mapping the file share to a drive letter. Next, again try displaying the ‘effective access’ permissions. It should help this time, and you won’t get the error message.

How to Resolve the Error

Thus, now you know how to prevent the error from occurring next time. However, if you have already encountered this error, then you can try fixing it with some effective computer support troubleshooting tips.

If you are not very efficient in administering computer troubleshooting, then you can go for online computer repair services.

To fix this error in Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft has introduced an update that is available at Windows Update and Microsoft Download Center.

The update will provide the stable solution to this error by modifying the Windows Authz API. As a result of that Windows Explorer will no more require any optional SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR structure. Thus, even if the SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR structure comprises NULL Owner field, no error will get created. So, the permanent way of fixing this error is to use the specific Microsoft released update for the error.

Technical Support Method1: Get the Update from Windows Update

You can get the specific Microsoft released error update from Windows Update by performing the following steps:

• Tap at the right corner of your computer’s touch screen and swipe in
• Then, tap on ‘Search.’
• In the search box, type ‘Windows Update.’
• Then tap on ‘Windows Update.’
• That will open a new window.
• Next, click on ‘Check for updates’ on the left pane
• Then, wait for a while as Windows looks for the latest updates for your computer
• Then, you will receive a message showing that optional updates are available
• Tap on the message and you will get to view the optional updates
• Under the Optional Update list, look for the update 3041857
• Finally, tap that update to get it Installed.

Technical Support Method2: Get the Update from Microsoft Download Center

To download the update from the Microsoft Download Center, first download the following Microsoft support files from the Microsoft Download Center:

• All supported x86-based versions of Windows 8.1
• All supported x64-based versions of Windows 8.1
• All supported x64-based versions of Windows Server 2012 R2
If you don’t know how to download these, then you can either refer Microsoft Knowledge Base or seek online computer repair services.


Error ‘Code 0x80070057 The parameter is incorrect’ is a Windows Explorer error. You can fix the error by installing Microsoft released update 3041857. You can install the update 3041857 from Windows Update and Microsoft Download Center.
If you don’t know how to download and install the update, then avail online technical support services from a reliable online tech support firm.